Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Sylvia Haroldson, RN – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

Sylvia grew up riding snowmobiles, go-carts, and anything that would go fast. She has been riding Motorcycles since 2003 and currently enjoys riding her 2009 Harley Road King Classic. As a member of two Harley Owner’s Groups (HOG) Chapters, she has been an active Road Captain since 2007. Sylvia has completed basic and advanced motorcycle riding classes through MN state training programs.

Sylvia has over 15 years of hospital nursing experience working in critical care, post-anesthesia, and orthopedic areas. In addition, she has worked with home health care for over 20 years including working as a Clinical Manager; supporting the specialty nurses for wound, mental health, post-transplant, infusion, and disease management care.

Sylvia says: “My husband Bruce and I attended Accident Scene Management (ASM) Instructor training in 2012 and have taught 3 to 5 ASM classes each year since that time. As a Lead ASM Instructor, I know that providing effective instructions to manage accidents improves the accident victim’s chances and decreases the risk of additional injuries at the scene”. Contact Sylvia by filling out the form online.


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