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New Instructor Training Model Takes Off! I feel like a proud mama some days. When I hear of the accomplishments of our Instructors and how engaged they are in their communities it makes me smile. Lately we have been adding quite a few new Instructors. Last August, we removed some of the blocks that were...
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No CPR tattoo
Do Not Resuscitate The term DNR can stand for the Department of Natural Resources, or in the world of medical, it stands for Do Not Resuscitate. Students ask ASM Instructors frequently how to identify someone who has a DNR wish. This article will explain in general terms how a DNR works and when you should...
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  It’s time to celebrate! 2018 has been such an exciting and transforming year for ASM/Road Guardians.  We are ending this year with nearly 100 new Road Guardian Members. If you are not already a Member we would love to have you join!  There are many benefits to becoming an RG Member, click HERE to...
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Tony teaching
We at ASM/Road Guardians know that there are many riders out there who want to learn what to do at the scene of a crash.  One of our goals is to get as many people trained as possible but we know that a huge barrier to achieving that goal is the location and the timing...
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Introducing our new Class Map!  We have created a brand new way for you to search for available classes in your area.  Check out our Interactive Map where you will have the ability to see exactly where classes are in your area.  You are able to zoom in and click on the markers to learn...
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Jaw Thrust rescue breathing
Accident Scene Management is removing barriers in order to train more instructors. In the past ASM has required a full 4-day, on site Instructor training class be completed in order to certify an Instructor to teach. This has made Instructor training difficult for not only the student but for the trainers as well. With Blended...
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Humans are competitive, and we like a challenge. Whether it’s mental or physical, we want to do what we believe can’t be done. Or at least done easily. If you’ve never ridden cross-country, seen the sites, and found the best hidden diners along the way, you’ve never experienced an extreme endurance ride like the Iron...
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To better serve our students we have been working hard to make our program accessible to everyone regardless of where they live.  While we have had an Online Refresher available for a while now, we recognized the need for an upgrade and we have done that along with making improvements!  Introducing the NEW Online Basic...
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