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TURN_ONE_RADIODown but Not Out!

By: Turn One Radio Host Melissa J

When I was touring Italy on my motorcycle my bike went down. There were a few things I remember vividly, as if they happened just days ago:

1. Pushing the bike away while sliding (like we were trained to do to in order to reduce momentum).

2. Hearing the sound of my helmet grinding against the pavement.

3. Seeing a bus wheel passing by, only feet from my head before I slid off the road.

This is a sobering memory. I was very lucky I was not seriously injured, and also lucky that a group of Italian riders stopped only moments after my crash to help pick me, and the bike’s pieces, up. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but having other riders standing by my side was the biggest comfort I could have asked for at that moment.

I now work at Hupy and Abraham Law Firm. We have an entire community of all types of riders in our offices, from investigators, to attorneys, to accounting and marketing. Spanning over the states of IL, IA, and WI, we offer not only expert legal services with over 40 years of experience representing bikers, but also the support and understanding of a fellow rider when you need it most.  We are involved in helping people avoid a crash through our Watch for Motorcycles Campaign but when a crash occurs we also work with Accident Scene Management to reduce injuries and fatalities. Our expertise is put to work when injured riders ask is to help them navigate the process of recovery after a crash occurs. Can we help you or someone you know? It costs nothing to call and speak to one of our motorcycle case experts 800-800-5678.

Tune in on Fridays to hear Melissa J on Road Hawgs Radio Network. She will be interviewing Brad Falls, Afghanistan Veteran July 31st.

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