Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Vicky Barr – ASM Lead Instructor

Vicky Barr Vicky took the MSF class and began riding her own bike in 1999. Since moving to Missouri in l997 from Texas, she has been active in county and state emergency preparedness. Her training and emergency preparedness management began as an assistant director for a Fire Explorer Post. From that experience, Vicky worked in County Emergency Management for over five years. She started a local Citizen Corps and was program manager and senior instructor for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). She taught citizens and business owners how to take care of themselves, their families, employees and neighborhood for 72 hours during disasters, terrorism and crime.During those years, Vicky earned a Professional Development Series certificate through the Federal Emergency Management Institute.Her volunteer experience in disasters included working in the area of Search and Rescue following the Joplin, MO tornado through CERT and as an American Red Cross volunteer.She is a member of Rescue Riders (Missouri Coordinator), Road Guardians, Patriot Guard, Missouri Patriot Express, Kansas City BMW Motorcycle Club, Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and the American Red Cross. After taking the ASM Basic and Advanced courses, she and her husband have participated in many ASM training sessions and have sponsored Basic and Advanced classes in Missouri and Kansas.  To schedule a class with Vicky, contact her by filling out the form online. 

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