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Viking Bags – Storage options for your bike!

Viking Bags

We took our fun bikes to Sturgis this year. No front fenders no windshields and no saddlebags.

It’s always a challenge to carry a few items with you when you have no saddlebags. I bungee things to my handlebars and I shove what I can in my pockets but as I head out for the day I’m always thinking that I wish I had more storage. Tony and I have custom motorcycles and they look great stripped-down.


While we’d like some saddlebags we don’t want them to be obtrusive. We were delighted when we found small, one sided, easy to attach to the frame motorcycle saddlebags

Viking bags has a great selection of motorcycle bags from touring bags to tool bags. We found the perfect solution in a side bag that is made of heavy leather so it will keep its shape.

It has nylon straps that you can wind around the frame and secure on the inside of the saddlebag so there is no risk of the straps getting caught in moving parts. It has quick release buckles and is smart looking with choices of brown or black.


The Price is Right too! If you check around you can even find discount codes for Viking bags. Check them out at There are quite a few choices and for many of them you can make them fit. For instance the bag that worked on Tony’s hardtail 1948 Panhead was a bag that said Sportster only. It also came with a frame that we did not need to use. That frame could be useful for keeping the bag away from moving parts. Our assessment of the bag is that it gets 4 out of 5 Stars. The only reason I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 is because I am uncertain of how the strapping is going to hold up. My guess is that the bag will last much longer than the nylon strapping. Still, I’m sure that can be replaced. It looks pretty standard.

CLICK HERE to see this bag and it’s description

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