Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Mission Statement - Reduce injuries to motorcyclistThe Accident Scene Management motorcycle trauma training is for EMS and Motorcyclists. We have become the largest and most recognized organization in the world that deals with motorcycle trauma. Our mission is simple: To reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. We believe that preventing a crash in the first place is the best thing to do but when all else fails, proper response at the scene of a crash is critical to outcomes.

Options for giving:

$35 trains one Professional Rescuer
$85 trains one Motorcyclist (Basic Level Training)
$150 trains one Road Captain (Advanced Level Training)
$250 trains one certified ASM instructor

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we rely on our partners and Road Guardian memberships to support our efforts. We ask for only $20/year from our members and then try to give that value back to you every chance we can. Are you able to help be part of our collective solution? Do all you can to avoid a crash but if that does not work, know how to properly respond.

Will you help support our mission of Motorcycle Trauma Training?

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