Megan Posey, EMT-I – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

Megan PoseyMegan Posey is from Southbury, CT. She is an EMT-I and Chief Training Officer of Newtown Volunteer Ambulance. She was appointed as a member of the CT state Critical Stress Management Team for CT in 2017. Megan rides the ambulance more than 18 hours a week and still finds time to teach local EMT-B classes. She is one of many Field Training Officers and loves sharing her experience and knowledge to train new members. She holds certificates in PHTLS and PEPP.  Megan says: “Being a member of NAEMT allows me to attend many EMS training seminars during the year. I have been riding more than 25 years and really enjoy working with people”. Megan is a member of 2 motorcycle clubs in her area and is glad to be a Lead instructor and instructor trainer for ASM.  As an EMT-I, she is part of a team that responds to many motorcycle accidents in her area. She says: “I believe that education can help people better understand how to help others within their community”.

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Check out this article about Megan’s work at Sandy Hook in our January 2014 Newsletter!

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