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Memorial Wall

A place to commemorate our loved ones by sharing their memory. Never forget those motorcyclists who have impacted our lives.

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“In loving memory of those who couldn’t be here, but are forever present in our hearts”

Nate Starbuck


Nate was a Certified Road Guardian member when he died in a motorcycle crash in 2010. He is remembered for his constant infectious smile.

Charlie Brechtel

1957 - 2020

“Good Time” Charlie was a talented motorcycle musician and movie maker. He was a huge fan of ASM & Road Guardians. He was killed in a motorcycle crash near his home in California.

Alex Hughes


In Loving Memory of Alex from Larry’s Refrigeration & Heating. Alex, from Big Stone City, SD, was killed in a motorcycle crash 5/16/20. He will always be remembered for his deep love for his family & friends…and his bike, a 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R.

Robert Boom


Robert Boom was an ASM instructor for 5 years and taught both Basic and Advanced classed in the Reno, NV area. He was taken from us by cancer.

Kelly Naser


Kelly was the head mechanic at a Ducati motorcycle dealership. Many of his customers became his friends. He was killed in a motorcycle crash. 1000 people attended his funeral, from the President of the local bank to the Hells Angels MC.

Jean Herndon

1948 - 2021

Jean was an avid motorcycle rider from Canton, GA. She loved serving her riding community. In 2008, after volunteering as a course assistant for 4 years, she obtained her EMT Certification so that she and her husband, Phil,  could teach Accident Scene Management.

Leon Dragan

1979 - 2022

In loving memory of Leon Dragan, founder of Moto Meetup, who died in a motorcycle accident on March 26, 2022. Leon is remembered for his big heart and his joyful nature. His laughter has been described as a little boys giggle that so many enjoyed hearing.  When he was not riding he was spending time with his wife, Maria. 

Jordan Xavier Smith

1994 - 2020

In Loving Memory of My 1st Born and Oldest Son Jordan Xavier Smith

Paul "Yoda" Fazekas


Paul was a retired Air Force medic, EMT, and Paramedic. He developed and led training programs in field hospital operations and prehospital response. Paul also instructed NREMT refresher classes, Basic first aid, AHA CPR and ASM classes. Paul will be dearly missed by the many that knew him.

Nathaniel Jacob "Jake" Barnard


Jake was a co-worker, a true friend and a damn good person. He loved the freedom while on his bike

Ethan Arvid Jordan


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