Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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Laws and Regulations


Discover what laws your state has in place or plan a road trip


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Good Samaritan Laws


Good Samaritan Laws were created to protect those who stop to assist those suffering from medical and traumatic injuries from legal consequences.

Each state is responsible for its own Good Samaritan Law.

This list is current as of 8-20-17




Alabama Section 6-5-332

Section 6-5-332

Alaska AS 09.65.090 AS 09.65.087
Arkansas ACA § 17-95-101  ACA § 17-95-601
Arizona ARS § 9-500.02 ARS § 36-2263
California BPC §2395 SB 911
Connecticut C.G.S.A. §52-557b P.A. 98-62
Colorado CRS Title 13-21-108 HB 99-1283
Delaware Del.C. §6801 (a) HB 332
Florida Section 178.13 HB 411
Georgia §31-11-8 SB 566
Hawaii Sec. 663-1.5 HB 2598
Idaho I.C. §5-330 SB 1185
Illinois 745 ILCS 49 S.B. 458
Indiana IC 16-31-6-1 SB 171
Iowa I.C.A.§613.17 A.C.641
Kansas K.S.A. §65-2891 S.B.535
Kentucky KRS §411.148 H.B.49
Louisiana LSA-R.S. 37:1731 S.B.100
Massachusetts 5-309 Chapter 137
Maryland Maryland Law 5-309 S.B.294
Maine Title 14 164 Sec.
1.22 MRSA c.421
Michigan 333.20965 H.B.4420
Minnesota 604A.01 Chapter 329
Mississippi §73-25-37. H.B.954
Missouri Section 190.092 H.B.1668
Montana 27-1-714 H.B.126
North Carolina G.S. 90-21.16 H.B.1118
North Dakota §20-9-4.1 H.B.1242
Nebraska 25-21,186 L.B.498
Nevada (NRS) 41.500 A.B.147
New Hampshire Section 508:12 S.B.67
New Mexico 24-10-3 H.B.375
New Jersey 2A:62A-1 Chapter 34
New York Article 30 Article 30
Ohio §2305.23 § 4765.49 H.B.717 5
Oklahoma Title 76.Section 5.4 H.B.1190
Oregon (ORS) 30.800 S.B.313
Pennsylvania 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 8 332 H.B.1897
Rhode Island §9-1-27.1 99–S 0879
South Carolina SECTION 15-1-310 S–728
South Dakota § 20-9-4.1 S.B.– 83
Tennessee 63-6-218 S.B.–1158
Texas 6701d S.B.580
Utah 78-11-22 H.B.98
Virginia H.B.2097 H.B.2097
Vermont SS.519 S.283
Washington 4.24.3000 S.H.B.2998
Washington DC D.C.CODE 1981 §2-1344 B13-0735
Wisconsin 895.48 A.B.239
West Virginia 55-7-15 H.B.2269
Wyoming 1-1-120 H.B.0178


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