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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I can’t find a class in my area. Are there any classes being planned?

It’s hard for us to know at the national office if a class is being planned until an instructor registers the class with us. You can:

  • Submit a contact form and we will forward it to the closest instructor
  • Sign up for our free e-news which comes out every month or two and will remind you to look for a class
  • Find an Instructor and look on the map to find an instructor nearby
  • Find a class page

2.  I would like to find out how to host a class for my group. How do I find out how to do that?

Click here for an information sheet on how to host a class. If there is an instructor near you, you can work with that instructor on a date and fees to be charged. If there is not an instructor, ASM will work with you to set up a class. The base cost is $1500.00 which covers all instructor, travel, and class materials.          

3.  Can someone come to speak to our group or organization about ASM?

Yes, any instructor is able to do that. You can look for a nearby instructor here. If you are unable to find an instructor contact the ASM office at 262-706-3278 or contact us online.     

4.  How long is the training good for?

ASM Basic and Advanced Training Certifications are good for 2 years. There is a 6 month grace period.     

5.  How can I refresh if there are no classes in my area?

There is online training available through the website, click here for more information.

6.  What happens if my training is expired?

If you are Basic trained only you must take the Basic class again in order to become certified. If you are Advanced trained you can take the Basic class online and then take the Advanced class to fully reinstate.             

7.  What is the Road Guardians Program?

Road Guardians is a membership program that supports ASM and our mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. For more information about the program CLICK HERE

8.  I have CPR and First Aid training, what will I learn in an ASM class?

ASM training is taught at a higher level than basic first aid and CPR. Many specifics of motorcycle trauma like jaw thrust rescue breathing, helmet removal, traffic control, and moving the injured are not taught in First Aid and CPR. It is critically important to understand the difference between Trauma and Medical conditions.

9.  If I am an EMT or higher in medical training do I need to take the Basic class or can I just skip to advanced?

Many people see the word basic and think “elemental”, however, the ASM program is far from elemental! It’s more like Military Basic Training. For that reason, Basic can not be skipped as it contains the most important information.

10.  Am I qualified to become certified as an ASM instructor?

We have two levels of instructors. Level One Lead instructors need to be EMT or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist. Retired medical professionals will be considered depending on years of service and experience. Level Two instructors do not need to have the medical background that a Lead instructor has and they are not restricted in any way other than one major restriction: a Level Two instructor can not teach a class alone. A Level One (Lead) instructor must be present at all ASM certification classes. A Level Two instructor can advance to Level One with time, experience, and a recommendation by a Lead Instructor who has worked with you.

11.   I’m interested in proceeding with instructor training, now what?

Instructor training is held several times a year. We currently have instructor trainers located in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, and Hawaii. We continue to add instructor trainers. Any trainer can come to your area or you can travel to them. Most of the instructor training is done via online classes and Skype calls, however – a class must be attended at the expense of the trainee in order to complete your training. To read more about how to become an instructor and apply for instructor training (application is free – you will be billed one the application is approved). Go to: How to Become a USA Instructor