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Become an ASM Certified Instructor

Instructor Training requires an application/payment of training fee/a combination of Online/Classroom and Skype calls

Instructor Qualifications:

  • All ASM Certified Instructors must be a motorcyclist. Medical training is not required, however, a Lead instructor must be present at each class.
  • Lead ASM instructors must have EMT equivalent or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist.
  • We recommend one instructor for every 15-20 students
  • Any exceptions to these rules are made on an individual basis by the ASM office. Please call 262-706-3278

Email is necessary as it is our primary communication tool. Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint are all integral parts of our program so a working knowledge of each is necessary. We communicate most of our updates and share tips on Facebook in a closed page that is for instructors only.

To become an ASM Certified Instructor:

Instructor training will be accomplished with approximately 4 hours of online training and 3 – one hour Skype calls. Instructor candidates will then find an Instructor Trainer (IT) to take a class from. It will be the responsibility of the instructor candidate to sign up for and pay for the class they will take from an approved Instructor Trainer. You will find instructor trainers on our website: Instructor Trainers are listed with a yellow background. All pre-work must be done prior to attending the ASM class. The instructor candidate will be introduced to the IT by the ASM office. The instructor candidate will arrive at their training class with proof of online course completion and their course materials in hand. They will be expected to assist with the class as a Course Assistant. They are not expected to teach the class since they cannot learn how to teach and teach at the same time, however, they are expected to help with a classroom set up, student registrations, and hands-on skills.

New Instructors are expected to take and teach Basic before adding Advanced. We encourage a minimum of 3 basic classes before adding Advanced classes. An ASM instructor will need to take a class before teaching a class. For instance, they cannot add the teaching of Advanced classes until they have completed an Advanced class with an instructor trainer. We do NOT encourage new instructors to take both classes as part of their training since it becomes more difficult to separate the two classes and stay focused on teaching the most important skills in the Basic class. A Basic trained student can teach Basic refreshers and Professional series classes.

ASM Instructor Trainer Qualifications

To download a PDF of Instructor Qualifications/Expectations: ASM Instructor Descriptions

Scroll to the bottom of the page for FAQs or Print: ASM Instructor Candidate FAQs


Submit an application (this is FREE): ASM Instructor Application. Once you submit an application with the documentation requested we will contact you to verify that you qualify for Level One or Level Two Instructor status.


When you are ready to proceed with training, we will send you an invoice for $250.00 which includes your online/phone training, coaching, and guidance, instructor packet (shirt, rocker, books, brochures, access to all files including PowerPoint for teaching), website listing, access to instructor area of the website and discounted supplies.


Choose a class to attend that is taught by an Instructor Trainer. This will be covered in your first call. IT classes will be indicated by an “IT” before the class name. For instance: IT-IL 20-100-52 Indianapolis, IN.  

Note: It is often best to choose a class to attend first before beginning your training. You will need to sign up AND pay for the class you take with your instructor trainer. You are not limited to your geographic area and are welcome to take a 100 series class anywhere in the USA.  If you are unable to find an Instructor Trainer class with a date or location that works for you, there are other options available by speaking to Vicki Sanfelipo (Founder of ASM).

To contact Road Guardians for more information Click Here or call  262-706-3278

FAQs for those who are interested in becoming an instructor

Question: I completed the ASM classes previously – do I need to take them again?

Answer: Yes, even if you took the class before you will still need to take it again. You will experience it differently as an instructor candidate and we need feedback from your instructor trainer. We also need to ensure that you have completed the most updated course with an approved instructor trainer.

Question: How long does it take to get trained?

Answer: This largely depends on you. You will be expected to find and sign up for a class being taught by an instructor trainer. You will need to complete the approximately 6 hours of online education along with 2 – one hour Skype calls BEFORE your class.

Question: Do I need Skype to do the classes or is there some other way to complete the calls.

Answer: You must have Skype or Zoom. Both are free! Join here: or

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Submit an Instructor Application to ASM. ASM will accept your application as either a level ONE (Lead) or level TWO instructor. Please read the instructor descriptions. You will receive an email with a link to sign up and pay for instructor training. The cost is $250.00 and does NOT include the cost of your class. You must sign up and pay for your class separately. You will receive directions in an e-mail, which will give you options for signing up for your initial call, a link to online training, and directions.

Question: Once I complete training, does ASM send me to teach classes, or do I set up and teach my own classes?

Answer: All ASM instructors are independent. Just like teaching CPR, you will complete our training, agree to our terms, and agree to use our materials. There are times we set up classes and contract instructors to teach them but most often we act as a referral service and simply forward requests to you so you can work out details with the group who is requesting the class.


How long has the program been in existence? 

ASM was established in 1996 in order accept 402 funding from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. ASM founder Vicki Sanfelipo, RN had developed a program to teach her friends how to respond if she went down. As a nurse who rode a motorcycle, she had always been uncomfortable that people thought she knew what to do. After two years of searching for answers and going through EMT training, she finally felt prepared to share her knowledge with fellow motorcyclists. The WI DOT offered to help with travel expenses if she would teach the program she had put together for her friends in 5 cities in the state of Wisconsin. The program was enthusiastically welcomed with 375 students being trained in only 5 sessions. Since then, 25,000 people have been trained and ASM now has over 140 instructors in 30 states. ASM’s goal is to be in every state someday and be accepted like CPR and First aid care training.


Which classes can I teach once I complete Training?

100 series–A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist (Basic) 7.0 hours, 6.0 CEs

200 series–Basic Blended Learning Basic Hands-on 3.0 hours (no CEs)

300 series–Advanced Bystander Assistance (100 series required) 6.5 hours, 6.0 CEs

400 series–Advanced Blended Learning

500 series–Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash (Pro Rescuer class) 3.0 hours 3.0 CEs

Do you have yearly instructor re-certifications or additional training? 

We communicate changes in EMS protocols and changes that affect our teaching as those changes take place by Facebook, E-Mail, and occasionally conference calls. Yearly renewals consist of a $35.00 fee, a signed yearly instructor contract, and an evaluation of classes taught. While an instructor can remain available to teach without teaching a class for a year, we recommend you teach at least two classes a year to remain active.

What is the cost of a class per student and what type of compensation do instructors make?

Our recommended Fee for 100 & 300 series classes is $75.00. Instructors pay $15.00/student of that fee to ASM to purchase student packets. A student packet has the workbook, evaluation, ASM patch & Certificate with CEUs. 200/400/500 series do not require student materials, just a $2.00 certificate purchased from ASM. Instructors are independent. They set their own terms and pricing, ASM makes many recommendations from our years of experience. The ASM office works with instructors very similar to how the American Heart Association (AHA) works with CPR instructors. ASM is to Motorcycle Trauma, what AHA is to heart attacks.

Is ASM accredited and are Continuing Education Credits Available?

ASM courses are accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Continuing Education (CEs) are provided free of charge to all students. ASM instructors are required to provide evaluations and rosters of all ASM classes.

What is a typical class size for one instructor? 

15-20 students per instructor

Once a person becomes a Certified ASM Instructor, can they train other instructors?

No, this is not automatic. ASM currently has instructor trainers located in several locations across the United States. You may click HERE to view Instructors on a map.  Instructors with a black and white logo are instructor trainers. An instructor can work their way into becoming an instructor trainer by teaching frequently and following the ASM process. They must also get good class evaluations, be a good example and role model.

Can I train my own assistants?

You may use course assistants to teach larger classes. They may not teach the curriculum but they can assist you with watching students do hands-on skills, etc. The ASM Lead instructor will be held responsible for the course assistant.

What licensure do you need to maintain to remain instructor qualified?

ASM Lead instructors must be EMT or higher and maintain state licensure. The only exception to that rule is in the event an instructor retires. As long as that instructor stays active in teaching ASM classes they may continue to keep their status as a Lead instructor. Assistant instructors do not need to be EMT or higher but may not teach without a Lead instructor present.

How many CE’s do you get for taking the instructor course?  

None for instructor course but 6.0 for “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” and 6.0 for “Advanced Bystander Assistance” that is taught as part of the training.

Are they good to apply to my EMT CE’s? 

They are good in most states. Exceptions we are aware of are the states of PA, IA, FL. We have applied for EMS CEs through a special process in NJ. If uncertain, it is always best to contact the state EMS office to ask if they accept ANCC Continuing education. Most states will tell you that as long as the topic is pertinent to EMS they will accept the CEs.

How is ASM supported?

ASM does events and fundraising activities to fund the office, staff, and services. We have a Road Guardians Program that supports our efforts. ASM also receives donations from individuals, groups, and corporations.

How can I contact ASM/Road Guardians?

Call 262-706-3278 or write We will get back to you ASAP. Reasons we can’t always answer the phone range from teaching a class to riding a motorcycle but rest assured, someone will get back to you if you leave a message.