Currently Scheduled Instructor Certification Training:

Mayer, AZ October 6-8, 2017

Milwaukee, WI November 2-5, 2017

USA Instructor Trainers are located in AZ, HI, MI, TX, WI


Instructor Qualifications:

  • All ASM Certified Instructors must be motorcyclists. Medical training is not required, however, a Lead instructor must be present at each class.
  • Lead ASM instructors must have EMT equivalent or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist.
  • We recommend one instructor for every 15-20 students
  • Any exceptions to these rules are made on an individual basis by the ASM office. Please call 262-706-3278

Email is necessary as it is our primary communication tool. Excel, Microsoft Word and Power Point are all integral parts of our program so a working knowledge of each is necessary. Instructors complete 30 hours of training which prepares them to teach all 5 classes offered by ASM licensed instructors. Instructor training courses are held a few times a year by one of our 5 instructor trainers in the USA or an instructor training session can be scheduled by groups or organizations with 8 or more instructor candidates.

To become an ASM Certified Instructor:

Submit an ASM Instructor Application

Once your Application and documentation are received you will receive a call from the ASM office to discuss your status and options for training.


To contact Road Guardians for more information click here or call us at 262-706-3278