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Instructor Qualifications:

  • All Lead ASM instructors must be EMT or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist.
  • Assistant instructors must be motorcyclists but do not require medical training.
  • A Lead instructor must be present at each class. Assistant instructors can teach but not alone
  • Any exceptions to these rules are made on an individual basis by the ASM office

Instructors complete 30 hours of training which prepares them to teach all 5 classes offered by ASM-USA as licensed instructors. Instructor training courses are held a few times a year by one of our  instructor trainers in the USA or an instructor training session can be scheduled by groups or organizations with 8 or more instructor candidates.

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Wisconsin Instructors


Vicki Sanfelipo – Lead Instructor, RN/EMT – ASM Director/Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer/ASM Board Chairperson

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Vicki Sanfelipo
Vicki Sanfelipo – Lead Instructor, RN/EMT – ASM Director/Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer/ASM Board Chairperson 

Vicki is the Author of “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist”. She established the non-profit organization Accident Scene Management, Inc. in 1996 in order to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through First Response training. She acts as Director of ASM yet today. Vicki worked for over 25 years in a variety of settings throughout the hospital from Critical Care to the Operating Room. She she spent 8 years working as an educator at Waukesha Memorial Hospital for the Department of Surgery. She become an EMT in 1999 to better connect ASM training to the EMS. Vicki teaches CPR, Defibrillators, and First Aid for the American Heart Association. She has been riding her own motorcycle for over 25 years and has completed the MSF’s Experienced Rider Course. She is a life member of A.B.A.T.E. of Wisc., Charter Member Central Wisc. H.O.G. & member of Kettle Moraine H.O.G., Motorcycle Riders Foundation, BOLT, Patriot Guard, St. Croix Valley Riders, The Iron Butt Association, the American Motorcyclist Association & Road Guardians.

You can contact Vicki at 262-706-3278 or contact online.



Paul Callahan, NREMT – ASM Lead Instructor

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Paul CallahanPaul Callahan, NREMT, is a Road Captain with the Milwaukee and Paradise (Naples, FL) HOG Chapters as well as the Safety Officer for Milwaukee Chapter. He is an EMT for Paratech Ambulance and with the Elm Grove, WI, Emergency Medical Service.  Paul is certified in Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and has been ASMI trained since 2007. He also teaches Group Riding and Road Captain Training classes for the Milwaukee HOG Chapter, CRP/AED classes for the American Heart Association, is an instructor in Verbal Defense & Influence, and a Facilitator for Surviving an Active Shooter training.  Paul is a Charter, Certified, and Lifetime Road Guardian as well as a Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do.  As a Lead Instructor with many years of teaching experience, he brings a unique and fun style to his classes. Paul can be reached by filling out our instructor contact form.






Kevin Carpenter, AKA “Finger” – ASM Certified Instructor

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Kevin CarpenterKevin has been a trucker/ rider for over 40 years. Ten years into his career as a trucker his employer sent him to an advanced driving school for truck drivers. The program was called “Decision Driving and Skid Abatement”. A short time later he went back to school to become a certified fleet instructor. Kevin trained and taught new drivers driving skills and company policies/ safe operation of company equipment.  It was at that time that Kevin’s interest in driver and fleet safety started. Kevin said, “I never had any formal training but I would read my fleet managers resource guides and fleet management guides whenever I could”. Kevin took pride in his training of others. Later he got more involved with the Milwaukee HOG Chapter as a Road Captain. His second year he was asked to become a Assistant Safety Officer for the chapter. Kevin has worked hard to promote ride safety within his chapter and enjoys sharing with others that have the same passion. He was involved with group riding classes, Road Captain training programs, working chapter rides and other rides where his skills were needed. Kevin has written articles for his HOG chapter & Road Guardians newsletters. He has been a Life Member of the Harley Owners Group for almost 25 years, a member of the Milwaukee HOG Chapter, has served the chapter as Assistant Head Road Captain, Road Captain & Assistant Safety Officer. Kevin is a founding Member of the Harley Davidson Museum  & is often referred to as the #3 Museum fan because of the amount time he spends there. He is a Life Member of Road Guardians. Working on to be a Certified Member. A member of ABATE of Wisconsin. He volunteers with the Milwaukee Veterans Day parade & recently has become involved with the local Project 22 ride. Kevin says, “ I look forward to my step forward promoting & teaching Accident Scene Management classes and meeting others who have a passion for riding and safety. Click HERE to contact Kevin for a class.


Angela Graham, LPN- Lead Instructor

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Angela started riding on the Hwy in 2006, she grew up riding dirt bikes on the family farm in SC. Currently working for American Red Cross Blood Services as an instructor, she also has taught CPR and first aid for about 15 years. She was a Firefighter and EMT for 12 years before becoming a nurse and worked in Emergency Room and ICU for 10 years. Angela belongs to Women On Wheels, is a member of A.B.A.T.E of WI, and is a Women in Motion Road Guardian. She currently rides a Honda VTX 1300.

Angela can be contacted online.


Cat Hammes, RN – ASM Lead Instructor

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I have been riding since about age 18. To me there is nothing more peaceful than my face in the wind being kissed by the sun. Several years ago my life was forever changed after a motorcycle accident which resulted in the loss of my leg. What I have learned through this is that education is our best resource for accident and fatality reduction. 18 years of nursing from trauma, ER, ICU to training others in a variety of medical interventions does not give me the ability to avoid life’s curve balls but it does give me the tenacity to pick myself up and go on. I am involved in ABATE, Racine South Eastern HOG, AMA, Diamond Posse and Veteran Outreach Programs. I would love to set up a class for your group and I love to travel.

You can contact me at online to schedule a class.


Cindy Johnson, RN – Lead Instructor

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Cindy has been a Registered Nurse for 12 years and has worked at Froedtert Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center in Milwaukee, for the last 8 years on the Solid Organ Transplant unit.  She has been a Clinical Certified Transplant Nurse since the certification began.  She is a member of the Exam Writing Committee for the American Board for Transplant Certification. Cindy is active in nurse decision making by being chair of the hospital Quality and Safety Council.

Cindy’s first time on a bike was when she was on her first date with her now husband, Steve Johnson.  She found that she enjoyed the open road and has been to Sturgis and on ASM’s Women in Motion Ride multiple times.  She is a Member of ABATE of Wisconsin.  Cindy is the Products Representative for ABATE Washington County Region 1H.

To schedule a class contact me online.



Steve Johnson – Assistant Instructor

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Steve Johnson picSteve has enjoyed life on a motorcycle for over 25 years.  He is a staff Instructor with the Northern Illinois University (NIU) in their Motorcycle Safety Project and holds a Rider Coach certification from the Motorcycle safety Foundation (MSF).  He enjoys giving the freedom of the road that motorcycling offers to his students through the Basic Rider Course.

He has a true passion for motorcycles, and finds time to be an instructor with ABATE of Wisconsin’s “Share the Road” program which trains automobile drivers how to safely interact with motorcycles on the road.  In 2009, he was the recipient of the ABATE of Wisconsin Founders Freedom Fighter Award for his advocacy work in fatal right of way violations.  He is a member of ABATE of Wisconsin, Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF),  American Motorcycle Association (AMA), The Harley Owners Group (HOG), a life charter member of The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, a Founding Member of the Harley Davidson Museum  and  a Charter Member of the Road Guardians Certified Program as well as serving on their Advisory Committee.  Along with being an ASM instructor Steve is also an American Heart Association Instructor certified to teach all levels of CPR and First Aid including Healthcare Providers.  He Rides a 2004 Electra Glide and finds time to get at least 17,000 miles a year on to, as he puts it, “Stay focused on what is important”.  You can contact him online to let him help you grow your skills through ASM training.


Michelle Lambert-Webb, RN – ASM Lead Instructor

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MichellePicMichelle has had her motorcycle license for over 20 years. After taking the back seat for the past few years she has now moved back to the front! Michelle has been a nurse since 1988 at a level 1 trauma center. She worked ICU for 11 years and Emergency for 13 years, 7 of those years as the Educator for the ER. She is currently using her experience to build the electronic medical records as a nursing informatics specialist. Michelle has taught CPR, ACLS and Trauma Nurse Core Course. She believes that knowledge is power and that we should hope for the best while being prepared for the worst.

To contact Michelle fill out the online form.






Jane Leonzal, ASM Certified Instructor

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Jane-LeonzalJane was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is new to riding though has been a bike enthusiast for most of her life. Jane worked for twelve years as a surgical technologist.  She is also an AHA Certified CPR & First Aid Instructor. She is an active member of Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 Wisconsin. She became interested in ASM when she became a member of Rolling Thunder and participated in the rides the organization puts on. She believes that the road should be safe for all riders and having the knowledge and know how of accident scene safety response training is a good way to ensure safety for all. Jane would love to be your instructor!  Contact her online.






Rita Lybek – Assistant Instructor

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Rita Lybek
Rita has been an avid motorcyclist since discovering dirt bikes as a child on her family’s farm. She loves to facilitate learning and is also a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach Trainer. She teaches motorcycle and scooter courses at various sites in Wisconsin and Illinois including Capital City Harley Davidson and Madison College, where she also manages motorcycle and scooter training. She has taken numerous solo trips across the country and enjoys watching motorcycle racing of various genres.

She, along with her partner Bill Murphy, would love to provide an exciting learning experience for your group.

For information about scheduling classes, contact Rita online.







Bill Murphy, Police Officer – Lead Instructor

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Bill MurphyBill was in the first class of Paramedics is Peoria, Illinois in 1977. During his 10 year stint as a Paramedic, he was a CPR Instructor, ACLS Instructor and Field Supervisor.  He is currently an NREMT.

He still teaches American Heart Association CPR/First Aid and is a Motorcycle Safety Instructor for Madison College, Badger Harley Davidson, Blackhawk Community

College and Kutter Harley Davison. He is a retired City of Madison Police Officer.  His last assignment was to the Traffic/Motorcycle Unit as a Motor Officer.

Bill is a member of the Blue Knights, Wi. II and serves as the Safety Officer for his Chapter and State Safety Officer.  As State Safety Officer for the Blue Knights, he is given a position on the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council for the State of Wisconsin’s DOT. Bill currently is the Chairperson for this Council.

Bill is a Charter member of Road Guardians.  Bill currently rides a 2009 Honda Gold Wing.

For Information about scheduling classes, contact Bill online.



Tony Pan Sanfelipo, EMT – Lead Instructor

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Tony Pan SanfelipoTony brings his unique experience and flavor to our classes. He is nationally known as a speaker for motorcycle rights and advocacy. He has been active in motorcycle rights since the early 1970s and has been riding motorcycles for well over 40 years. In addition to being the founder of A.B.A.T.E. of WI and BOLT (Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance) he volunteers many hours each year to teach motorcycle confiscation laws, insurance nomenclature, and Bystander Assistance Classes. Tony has been an EMT since 1999 & is the Head Road Guard for Scott Walker & Tommy Thompson’s M/C Tours. Tony works for Hupy and Abraham, S.C. in Milwaukee and has over 16 years of investigative field work as a motorcycle case specialist.

You can contact Tony online to schedule a class.






Josh Strauss, EMT/IT – Lead Instructor

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Josh Strauss
Howdy I am an avid motorcycle rider and outdoors man. I’ve been an EMT for 8 years now. I’ve been on a motorcycle since I was old enough to touch the pegs and have been riding my own bike for 6 years now. Since I was a little boy I’ve been taught to love to ride by my grandfather who rode to every state in the USA on his bike and logged over a million miles on his motorcycles. My dad continues to teach and guide me. I am a 6 year member of ABATE.
To schedule a class with me contact me online.




Wyoming Instructors


Charlie Magee, OET – Lead Instructor

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Charlie has been an avid motorcycle enthusiast since he was age 14.   “It just gets in your blood and you love to ride through the great outdoors!”   Charlie and his wife (Kim) are currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa on assignment with his wife’s company, Cola-Cola.   Previously, we lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  We are both American citizens from Laramie, Wyoming seeing the world.

Currently, we ride our 2013 Harley CVO Ultra Classic with the Johannesburg H.O.G. Chapter and our goal is to cover all 9 South African provinces this year.  Our adventures take us to some very remote and beautiful places.  Having first aid skills and being well trained in outdoor emergency care is essential.  “Distances are quite vast, and you could wait quite a long time for an ambulance.  Plus, you never know what level of ambulatory care might show up.  Ambulances in South Africa are privately owned and severely underfunded.  They range from simply a means of transportation with a gurney to some with full EMT equipment including oxygen, backboards, medications, etc.  Services just aren’t consistent or like what you’d see like in other parts of the world.”  In South Africa and other 2nd/3rd world countries you must be ready for anything.

Part of the year, Charlie is also a Professional Ski Patroller from Laramie, Wyoming.  First Aid for ski injuries is very similar to first aid for the motorcyclist.  You need to be ready to use your own first aid kit and be very self-sufficient.  The injured person is outdoors, usually far from an urban center, and likely has a serious muscular skeletal injury requiring bandaging, splitting or in some cases, much more severe traumatic injuries.  As a Ski Patroller, our training relies on The National Ski Patrol’s “Outdoor Emergency Care” body of knowledge and contains most of the DOT EMT skills but replaces some urban environment training with self-reliance and individual skills essential for outdoor emergencies.

Prior setting out over 3 years ago internationally, Charlie ran his own company and taught Project Management in the USA as well as had multiple positions with Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, and Teradyne.  He has 35+ years of management consulting and project management experience to share as well.

Charlie is available for classes world-wide.  He may be reached at +27 76 691 7346 (Johannesburg cell) or in the USA at 770-446-0876 (worldwide voicemail).  Contact him online here.  Shinny side up fellow riders!!



West Virginia Instructors


Craig Wix, FF/EMT – Lead Instructor and Lisa Marks, EMT – Lead Instructor

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Craig WixCraig has been a Professional Firefighter/EMT with the Parkersburg Fire Department for the past 15 years. He currently serves in the position of Lieutenant and is qualified as a HazMat Tech. He works part time as an EMT for both two local hospital ambulance services. Prior to transferring to the fire department, Craig spent a year as a police officer. Craig’s motorcycle interest began as he grew up in Hawaii and watched his father do club roadracing on bikes as varied as Yamahas, Hondas, and Triumphs, but didn’t get his first motorcycle, a new 1999 Ducati Supersport, until he was 29. After taking the bike through 9 states and putting 35,000 miles on the Supersport (that’s a million in Ducati miles!), his stable has expanded to include a 2008 Ducati 848. He’s a member of Ducati Owners Club of the US and US Desmo. Lisa has been an EMT for the past 6 years and works for a local ambulance service. Lisa was introduced to motorcycles when she started seeing Craig about a year and a half ago. She has enjoyed being a passenger so much that she hopes to learn to ride and get her own Ducati Monster. Lisa is a CPR and PEPP instructor and is currently enrolled in paramedic class in hopes of getting her medic license in June of this year.  Craig originally certified as an instructor with ASM in 2004, but decided to recertify with his fiancé, Lisa, to get back into the program with a fresh start. Craig and Lisa are getting married in June and their honeymoon plans include a trip to Italy, and yes….. the Ducati factory is a planned stop!

To contact Craig & Lisa fill out the online form.


Washington Instructors

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Virginia Instructors


Jeffrey M West, EMR – ASM Lead Instructor

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Jeff West

Jeff bought his first bike (50 cc Montgomery Wards) when he was 18 yrs old and traded it in five days later for a 360 cc Benelli. Jeff says he “rode the Benelli for two years until someone turned left in a failed attempt to do away with my future wife and I in front of Union Station, Washington, DC”. Subsequently he and his wife Pam spent several years in the Honda family until the requirements of being “responsible” adults and parents had taken them off two wheels for far too long. For Jeff’s fiftieth birthday, in 1999, his marvelous wife bought him a ’93 FLHS (Harley’s short-lived Electra Glide Sport).

Since then, Jeff has been a loyal member of Fairfax VA Chapter H.O.G. serving as Safety Officer, Assistant Director, Director and a long-time Road Captain. I have assisted in delivering Group Riding Training, Road Captain Training, Boss Hogg Training. Jeff developed and delivered Passenger Training and Incident Management Training to his group as well.

Much of Jeff’s career was in the Federal Government involving training subjects as diverse as the Metric System, Handicapped Accessibility, Building and Evacuation Safety, Training the Trainer, Public Speaking, Grant Application Review for subject-matter experts, and Grants Management and Administration for Federal Managers.

Since retiring in 2010 and relocating to the Richmond, VA, area to be near their two Grandchildren, Jeff says he has “focused on correcting years of self-abuse and neglect and explored public service in a more direct manner”. Jeff has secured his EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) Certification, attended the Citizens Police Academy, the Citizens Fire Academy and Senior Advocate training. He has earned certifications in CPR and AED for the Health Provider, Wilderness First Aid, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Pediatric Emergency Care, and Public Safety Response to Terrorism – Awareness. Jeff has been active on the Chesterfield CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and traveled to Memphis, TN in June 2014 to complete ASM Basic & Advanced Training. Jeff is currently in pursuit of EMT training.

Jeff says “I have long admired the good work done through ASM training and he looks forward to the opportunity to bring that benefit to riders in Virginia and neighboring states. To contact Jeff fill out the online form.


Vermont Instructors

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Utah Instructor

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Texas Instructors


Michelle Inzunza, RN – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Hi, I am Michelle Inzunza (Zu Zu) a Flight Nurse from Dallas, Texas. I ride my 2009 Harley Softail Deluxe “Bluezy.” I love riding solo and with my friends. I have my Basic and Advanced Motorcycle certifications through MSF and I am a member of the MRF, North Texas HOG/LOH, Texas ABATE Confederation, and AMA. I have been a registered nurse for 22 years with my early beginnings as an EMT and then a mobile intensive care transport medic for 911 in San Diego, California. The combination of Nursing and Paramedicine lead to my becoming a Flight Nurse. I am currently employed as a Flight Nurse with 10 years of critical care air ambulance experience and a professional membership in the Air &Surface Transport Nurses Association. I have a Master’s degree in Nursing specializing in Nursing Education with teaching and certifications in Basic CPR, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and critical care. I am also certified in Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum and in Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP). I am a Certified Flight Nurse (CFRN) and Licensed Paramedic. In the past, I have worked for NASA as a researcher, authored journal papers and developed a Drivers Safety Course for the United States Air Force. My career is set in safety and safety education so teaching for ASM is a perfect match for me. I like that ASM is unique to motorcycling. I believe it is important to be safe and to have the knowledge to manage an accident scene from a rider’s point of view.  It is our responsibility to watch out for each other. I want to be a part of that. See you in class!  Contact online to schedule a class.



Teresa McClelland MSN, RN, TNS – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Teresa McClelland

Teresa was born & raised in Chicago, spent 5 years in Arizona and now resides in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley,  Texas. She is a master’s prepared Registered Nurse with 25 years primarily in prehospital, ER and Trauma. Teresa currently works as a Director of multiple Free standing Emergency Departments in Southern Texas. She has been riding since a teen on dirt bikes and currently rides a 2017 Street Glide Special named OLAF. Her passion in life is to educate riders to help one another in efforts to decrease Injuries and facilities.

She can be contacted by filling out the form online.




Brandy “CHiPs” Fuller – Assistant Instructor

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Brandy FullerBrandy “CHiPs” Fuller is a Retired Motorcycle Police Officer from Northern California.  He is a native of Texas and was sent to California while enlisted in the United States Navy.  CHiPs got out of the Navy to become a full time Police Officer/ First Responder and held that position for 20 years.  He was a Field Training Officer during the last several years with the Police Department, teaching new recruits.  While working as a Police Officer CHiPs also taught the Defensive Driver Course for traffic violators.  He retired and returned home to Texas where he became a MSF Rider Coach first teaching for Spring Branch ISD part time then became a full time Instructor with Motorcycle Training Center.  CHiPs has been teaching the MSF Basic Rider Course and the Experienced Rider Course for the last 3 1/2 years.  CHiPs is a Lead Rider Coach and is responsible for maintaining and teaching at Rosenburg, Baytown and Magnolia training sites.  CHiPs is a member of B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and an ex board member (Sergeant At Arms).  CHiPs is also a member of the Cut and Shoot Chapter of H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group).  CHiPs believes that you can never have too much training or practice when it comes to riding a motorcycle.

To set up a class with CHiPs contact him online.


Scott “Spiritrider” Gates – Assistant Instructor

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Scott GatesHello, my name is Scott “Spiritrider” Gates I have been riding for 6 yrs and I work hard to promote motorcycle safety and awareness. I currently work as a substitute teacher and an elections judge for wise county along with working with AIR EVAC LIFETEAMS membership program. I have been promoting this program ever since I found it and have decided that I could better serve as an Instructor.   When not riding my Honda VTX 1800R, I enjoy performing vocal music and C&W Ballroom dance and working with politics. i have a stepdaughter who is special needs who has benefited from my training  which has helped her out more than once whcih is proof that more than just bikers are helped through our program

I originally completed ASM’s Basic and Advanced training a year ago and have been certified in CPR for two years. I am a member of Rescue Riders who encourage all members to be ASM trained.  I am always interested in what is new in emergency care. With knowledge comes power and with the knowledge gained from ASM’s Crash Course classes comes the power to help save a life. I hope you will join the many people who are trained to make a difference.

To schedule a class with me contact me online.


Ben Martinez, Assistant Instructor

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Ben web picBen Martinez has been riding since he was a kid on various makes and models and rides when ever he can. He is a proud 3 time patch holder and member of the Iron Butt Association. Ben is a Rescue Rider and has been active in helping teach ASM classes and serve on many Rescue Rider missions. He has experience teaching large groups both live and via telecom classes. To schedule a class, fill out the form online.







Karen “PRECIOUS” Shiminski, LVN – ASM Lead Instructor

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Karen-ShiminskiKaren is a retired LVN of 40 + years with a passion for teaching, She spent most of her nursing career in the Home Health field, teaching and caring for the elderly and disabled. IKaren is a wife, the mother of 2 children, grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of 1 amazing great granddaughter named Scarlet. Having no previous riding experience, Karen’s husband introduced her to motorcycle riding late in life. At age 50, she took the riding course and began riding a Suzuki 800. After a medical issue slowed her down she returned to riding and today rides a1996 Goldwing Trike named ”The Green Hornet”. She and her husband, “TEDEBEAR” are actively involved with the Hard Core Christian Riders motorcycle ministry in Magnolia Texas where he now serves as President while Karen serves as Secretary and Sergeant at Arms.

Karen says “As a motorcyclist, I am aware of the ever increasing accidents involving motorcycles and that the actions taken immediately following a crash greatly determine the outcome of the victim. Managing the scene and proper assistance before EMS arrival could mean the difference between life and death, or permanent damage. Doing the wrong procedures or making mistakes at the scene could have negative consequences when untrained bystanders get involved. This vital ASM life saving information needs to be brought to every motorcycle riding group, as well as independent riders as it could very well help save the life of someone near and dear to you.” To schedule a class fill out the online form. I look forward to setting up a class for you.


Ted (Tedebear) Shiminski, Level 2 Instructor

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Ted-ShiminskiTed aka “TEDEBEAR” has been involved with motorcycles most of his adult life. He currently rides a 1500 Boulevard which comes out whenever the sun comes out. He enjoys riding with his wife “PRECIOUS” (see bio below) or with the Hard Core Christian Riders Motorcycle Ministry where he now serves as President. He is also a co-owner of Eagle Hydraulics Inc which has been in operation for 9 years. Underneath his gruff exterior he has the heart of a tedebear, ready and willing to help anyone in need, just ask any of his 7 grandchildren or his sweet great granddaughter. After attending a Basic class taught by his wife, he quickly decided he needed to become an assistant instructor to help bring this important information to large groups in the area. To schedule a class please contact by filling out the online form. We Look forward to setting up your class real soon!



Tennessee Instructors


Sheri Pyle – ASM Certified Level Two Instructor

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SheriPic4webSheri Pyle is from Henry, TN. Originally from the Chicagoland area, she started her riding life on a 1963 Cushman Silver Eagle scooter. After three years she got the itch to ride a “big girl” bike. It has been 13 years, four bikes, 150,000 miles, three hips and three shoulder surgeries since she started riding. Sheri says she looks forward to many more years on two wheels! During her time in Illinois, she was a founder of the Windy City Women Riders MC, an active member of the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT), a volunteer with the local police department and became a Patriot Guard Rider. Sheri would love to hear from you!  Contact her online.



South Dakota Instructors

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South Carolina Instructors


Lawrence Ward FF2, SCFA Instructor – ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Larry&MelissaPic4webLawrence is a lifelong rider who started riding dirt bikes in his early teens, and bought his first Harley 30yrs ago, which he still owns. He is a retired heavy haul driver who now spends his time running a small motorcycle repair shop. He also spends his time teaching with the South Carolina Fire Academy and volunteering with a local fire department. His certifications include (among others): Firefighter 2, Water Rescue, Low Angle Rope Rescue, and Technician level Auto Extrication. He is also an IFSAC certified Fire Instructor. As an instructor he teaches various rescue classes, including rope rescue and basic and advanced auto extrication techniques. He has been a member of various ABATE chapters around the country since 1989, and when not teaching he can usually be found with his wife Melissa, either in their shop working on a customers bike, or out riding on their 2008 Ultra Classic Harley Davidson. Contact Larry to host a class.




Melissa Ward, RN, CCDS – ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Larry&MelissaPic4webMelissa has always been interested in motorcycling and safety. Her husband has been a lifelong rider. They ride a 2008 Ultra-Classic Harley Davidson. Melissa spends as much time as possible riding wither husband and has ridden just over 10,000 miles last year alone! Since then, she has made it to several rallies, including Thunder in the Smokies, Daytona Bike Week, and in the summer of 2105 spent 2 weeks and just under 5000 miles on the bike riding to the Sturgis 75th Anniversary Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Melissa has been a nurse for over 20 years, originally starting in Cardiac Care and now works in Case Management. When she is not at work, she can usually be found with her husband in the shop that they own, or out riding with him. Her husband is a firefighter and instructor for the South Carolina Fire Academy. They make a great team since they both enjoy helping others!  They would love to be your instructors. Please complete this contact form.




Rhode Island Instructors

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Pennsylvania Instructors


Steven Rolfe – ASM Level Two Instructor

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Steve Rolfe Pic

Steve has been in the Environmental Health and Safety field for over 25 years, with training as an MRT and as part of a first responder/HAZMAT team. He has developed and implemented several training programs, which have successfully reduced injury rates for employees in his field. One of his training programs was recognized as the best practice for Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) training and chosen by corporate to implement throughout the organization on a global scale. Steve is an active member of his local HOG Chapter and the East Tennessee Patriot Guard Riders. Steve says: “Having started riding later in life, I absolutely love riding the twisty mountain roads of East Tennessee and the surrounding area”. His current ride is a 2014 Street Glide.

Steve and his wife Tracy are both consistently humbled by the camaraderie of their biker family – They said: “The friendship, loyalty and respect are unexplainable to those who don’t ride”. They are excited to be ASM instructors and look forward to meeting y’all! To schedule a class, please fill out the form online.



Tracy Rolfe MSN, RN- ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Tracy Rolfe Pic

Tracy has been an RN for over 15 years, working in a variety of hospital settings including emergency, orthopedics and respiratory, and has recently earned her MS in Nursing Education.

“I love being a nurse, caring for patients and teaching health-related topics to others. I grew up in a family of motorcycle riders, beginning my riding career on mini-bikes that my four older brothers pieced together, and owned my first street (or safe) motorcycle at the age of 18.”

Tracy is a Ladies of Harley officer and active member of her local HOG Chapter in Catawba County NC.  She enjoys meeting new people, riding/travel and teaching.

To contact Tracy fill out the online form.



Oregon Instructors

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Oklahoma Instructors


Josh Choate, Paramedic – ASM Lead Instructor

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Josh Choate picJosh has been working in the field of EMS for 10 years. He has been teaching American Heart Association CPR since 2004. He is President of the Oklahoma Chapter of the EMS ROADDOCS Riding Club. Josh says “ I have a beautiful wife, Karen, and two awesome daughters, Elizabeth and Gabby. I love spending time with my family and riding my Harley”.  Josh looks forward to bringing ASM training to Oklahoma. To contact Josh, fill out the online form.





Ohio Instructors


Frank Fuller, Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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FrankPic4webFrank started riding while attending U.S. Air Force pilot training over 30 years ago. After taking several years off to raise a family he started riding again in 2003. He retired from the Air Force after 30 years of active duty and reserve service. He’s a captain for a major U.S. airline, and Head Road Captain for his local Harley Owners Group chapter. He currently spends his “two wheel” time on a 2014 Harley Davidson with his wife Susan on her 2010 Heritage Softail. Frank has always been safety conscious weather flying his aircraft or riding his motorcycle. He’s taken several advanced rider safety courses and was among the first to get ASM certified in his chapter. Frank would love to help you set up a class!  Contact him online.




Mark “Zig” Ziegelmeyer – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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ZigPicZig spent 6 years serving the USA in active duty in the United States Army. He went into law enforcement after that and before he knew it 28 years had gone by. Zig retired as a Detective Sergeant from the Miami Township Police Department in Clermont Co Ohio. Zig is a patched charter member and Road Captain with the Iron Shields. He is also a member of his local HOG Chapter #2713 and is a Road Captain for them as well. Zig said, “ I have been riding since the early 70’s. I took my passion for riding one step further when I went to work for Harley Davidson”. Zig currently works at Powder Keg Harley Davidson in motorcycle sales and now is serving the motorcycle community as a certified ASM instructor.







Darrell Perkins, EMT – ASM Level One – Lead Instructor

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DarrellPerkinsDarrell has been an EMT Basic, and a member of Box 21 Rescue Squad for over thirty years. He has been riding his Yamaha VStar 1100 Silverado since 2009. Darrell has been a proud member of the Red Knights motorcycle club, Ohio Chapter 16 since 2013.

Darrell is one of six members from his department who responded to New York and ‘Ground Zero’ the day after the attack on the World Trade Center. He tells people that he was lucky, that I got to do what so many Americans wanted to do after September 11th.

Darrell says “I hope and pray that you will never have need of the skills that you will learn in our classes. But, should you ever have the need, I’m sure you will be glad you have this knowledge to use”.

Contact Darrell for a class.


North Dakota Instructors


Lisa Bean, Paramedic – Lead Instructor

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I am married to Damian Bean (President of the Freedom Riders MC) for 8 years. We have been blessed with 2 beautiful little girls Jessie is 6 and Jamie is 5. I am a breast cancer survivor, 4 years clear. I have been in EMS for 22 years.: Paramedic for 17 of those 22 years. I currently work for Standing Rock Ambulance and have been there going on 8 years. Prior to that I worked for Metro Ambulance for approx. 10 years. I started my career in North Berwick Maine in ’91, but I got so home sick that  I  had to move home 🙂 I have been around motorcycles my whole life but got really interested when I got my first dirt bike. Still have it haha!! Next was my ’80 FLH bagger. I would still have it if I wouldn’t have won a raffle from ABATE for a new one, so now I’m the proud owner of a 2007 Deuce. LOVE IT!!!! I look forward to combining my two loves (besides my girls:) EMS and Motorcycles. I also hope this will give me an opportunity to meet new friends, great people and always take the chance to learn something new and serve the motorcycle community.  To schedule a class or contact me, fill out the online form.



North Carolina Instructors


Steve Adam – Assistant Instructor

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Steve AdamSteve served in the US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and has basic and advanced First Aid and CPR certifications.  He is a member of the Cape Fear HOG Chapter and CBA/ABATE.

Steve has been a biker for 30 years and currently rides a 2005 Road King Custom and 2008 Screaming Eagle Ultra. Steve is the Safety Officer and Head Road Captain for his HOG chapter.  After being on the “receiving end” of a hit-n-run, his understanding and passion for safety only intensified.  Being able to instruct others on what to do “just in case” of an accident is his way of giving back to the biker community and to help someone else in need.

Contact by filling out the online form.



Debbie Norris – ASM Instructor

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Debbie-NorrisDebbie owns a beautiful 100th Anniversary Edition Harley-Davidson Fatboy. Her professional career includes 25 years of sales and marketing and most recently Customer Service with a major airline.

Debbie enjoys riding with her husband, Jim and her extended H.O.G. family and friends.  She has held the Webmaster and Ladies of Harley officer positions with the local H.O.G. chapter. Debbie and husband, Jim would love to provide a positive and fun learning experience to your group. To schedule a class or get more information, contact Debbie by filling out the online form.








Jim Norris, Paramedic – ASM Lead Instructor

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Jim-NorrisJim began riding motorcycles at the age of 12. He currently rides a 1999 Road King named Ruby – the pack mule (his wife Debbie’s bike has no saddle bags 😉

Jim is a H.O.G. member and has served as both Road Captain and Safety Office for several years with the local H.O.G. Chapter in Charlotte.

Jim is a retired Paramedic with over 33 years experience in EMS.  Among a few of Jim’s many achievements in EMS are: American Heart Institution instructor in CPR, ACLS, PALS, BTLS, Rescue Specialist, EMT/Paramedic instructor and Field Training Officer. Jim is also US Army Veteran where he served in Air Rescue. Jim & Debbie would love to provide a positive and fun learning experience to your group. Contact Jim by filling out the online form.



Gina Paul, EMT – Lead Instructor

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Gina PaulGina has been riding motorcycles for almost 25 years.  Her bike is a 1975 FLH.  Gina is on the Scotland County Rescue Squad as an EMT.  This is a volunteer organization and she has been with them for 8 years.  She is also an EMT Instructor and a State Evaluator for NCOEMS.She teaches CPR, AED & First Aid for AHA, and is a volunteer for Hospice of Scotland County.  She is a member of Cape Fear HOG Chapter, CBA/ABATE of NC Cape Fear Valley and MRF.  If this sounds a lot like Robert’s, it is because where there is one you will usually find the other.She looks forward to teaching ASM classes to help others better care for fellow bikers and anyone else that may benefit from this training.

Contact by filling out the online form.




Robert C. Paul, EMT – Lead Instructor

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Robert PaulRobert is a volunteer EMT with the Scotland County Rescue Squad for the past 12 years.  Started out on a company response team, then going to the squad as a way to maintain certification and to help others in the community.  Member of the Cape Fear Hog Chapter, CMA/ABATE of NC and MRF.Robert teaches CPR, Defibrillators and First Aid for the American heart Association.  He is also an EMT Instructor and state evaluator for NCOEMS.Accident Scene Management is another way to help others and pass along some great information.

Contact by filling out the online form.



New York Instructors


William Black, Paramedic – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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William Black PicI am a New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut Paramedic for the last 24 years. I have also been an EMS Instructor for the last 20 years and currently work actively as a Paramedic as well as a Nuclear Stress Technician. I am an American Heart Association Instructor Trainer in BLS, ACLS, and PALS as well as all the NAEMT courses and several others. I have been riding Motorcycles since 1970 and currently ride a 2006 Honda Goldwing. I am a Founding Member of the New York Chapter of “The Knights of Life” a club consisting of EMT’s, Paramedics and other Allied Health Care Professionals, I am also a Volunteer Fire Fighter. To contact me fill out the online form.


Timothy S. Tobin, RN/CHPN – Lead Instructor

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TobinI have been involved in the medical field for 37 years. In that time I have been a field medic in the army, a helicopter medic and a nurse working for the Flight Surgeon’s office.

Since getting out of the Army I have worked for a fire department in Colorado as a paramedic/firefighter and then as an RN usually working in the Emergency department.

Throughout my career as a nurse and in the army I have frequently been the educator for whatever outfit I have been associated with. In New York I was a state certified EMS instructor and instituted the first AED program for the volunteers in the state. During this extensive medical career I have always been interested in riding motorcycles and have had a number of different bikes over the years. My favorite bike was a 1978 Kawasaki KZ-650, and when I was going to school in Florida to earn my RN degree I rode a gold wing every day.

To schedule a class fill out the form online.


New Mexico Instructors


Patricia Behling, RN-MPA – Lead Instructor

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Pat Photo

Pat is a registered nurse who is currently working at Lambs Farm in Libertyville, Illinois, as the DON/Nurse Supervisor. Lambs is a residential and retail facility for developmentally disabled adults. She has provided nursing care in a variety of settings including Emergency Room, surgery, post-op surgery, out-patient diagnostic and rehabilitation, nursing administration and currently provides the nursing care and medical coordination for developmentally disabled adults. She was formerly an examining nurse for the victims of child sexual abuse and is a State certified Nurse Trainer who teaches non-licensed personnel to administer medications.Pat is a skier, scuba diver, golfer, motorcycle rider and medical missionary to India. Combining motorcycle riding and providing medical care at the scene of an accident is a logical and natural combination of interest and skill for this nurse.She rides a Suzuki Intruder Volusia 800 and is a member of Rolling Thunder and the Lakeshore HOG group in Libertyville, Illinois

To schedule a class with me, fill out the form online.


New Jersey Instructors


Kathleen Bridgewater, RN – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Kathleen has been in the health care industry for over 25 years. She says, “Being a Registered Nurse is my passion”! When she first heard about ASM training she  was excited to find there was something out there that would allow her to work  along with her family to mix her hobby of riding motorcycles with her medical training.

Kathleen has come upon motorcycle accidents and assisted, but never was first on the scene in a traumatic situation. She always wondered what she would do.  When she found a class that trains people to handle trauma situations and was
given the opportunity to train others to properly handle emergency situations, she knew this was right for her.

Kathleen is a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and is the New Jersey State Director for Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA). Motorcycling has allowed Kathleen, her husband and her son to travel throughout the United States and Europe.

Kathleen Explains, ”This training will better prepare me if someone encounters a motorcycle accident and will allow me to educate many of the people that I ride with. Being prepared to ride a motorcycle is more than just having proper gear, it
is knowing how to assess and administer proper Accident Scene Management!
To contact Kathleen, fill out our online form.


Jonathan Stone, NREMT – ASM Lead Instructor

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Jonathon StoneJonathan is a Graduate Student at Fordham University where he will be receiving his Masters in Social Work in May 2018. After graduation he plans on pursuing a career in Healthcare as well as training to be a Psychotherapist. Currently Jonathan is a NREMT volunteering with the Long Hill First Aid Squad, where he is also a CPR/First Aid instructor and Blood Drive Coordinator. Additionally, Jonathan is a Ice Water Rescue Technician and probationary member of the Stirling Volunteer Fire Department.

Jonathan is a member of the American Motorcyclist Association and is currently serving as the AMA’s New Jersey Volunteer Coordinator. He has completed the AMA’s Road Captain training and is enrolled in the AMA’s Long Rider Program. Jonathan has also completed the AMA’s EAGLES Activist training, which teaches motorcyclists how to advocate for riders rights and concerns. Jonathan’s other motorcycle activities include; lifetime member of Road Guardians; serving as Guardian of Membership for Broken Column Chapter of the Widow’s Sons Masonic Riders Association; member of the Red Knights New Jersey Chapter 32 Motorcycle Club; member of A.B.A.T.E. of the Garden State; member of Motorcycle Riders Foundation.

In addition to advocating for riders’ rights, Jonathan is also a volunteer advocate with the Humane Society of the United States and volunteers at a the Plainfield Area Humane Society animal shelter. “Motorcyclists and Animals; the two best groups of people.” To contact Jonathan for a class, CLICK HERE.


New Hampshire Instructors

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Nevada Instructors


Allan Cruet, EMT-B – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Alan Cruet PicAllan has a varied professional background in training and course development, including managing training organizations, and training management. His first “damage control” experience was through submarine service damage control training. Since then, after being tasked with first response to many incidents over the years, he vowed to be trained versus helpless in those types of situations. Through Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) experience (where I trained trainers for FEMA) he further internalized his skills through drills. Allan is so committed to improving first response that the completed his EMT-B training and National registry examination in June 2014.
Allan is a State of Nevada Motorcycle Safety Coach. They say “those who can’t do it teach it”, but he claims to be “battle-tested”. Allan says: “In all of my years of teaching, I never forgot what it was like to relate to those who are learning for the first time”. He enjoys teaching, and loves to make it fun to learn.
Allan’s Motto is: If you think education is too costly, try ignorance! To contact Allan for a class, fill out the form online.



Robert Boom – ASM certified Lead instructor

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Robert's PhotoRobert has dedicated himself to the protection and education of others, which is demonstrated by his educational and professional background.  He feels that education whether it be for motorcycle riding, helping others in an emergency situation or just for one’s own knowledge is the key for an interesting life. Robert has a varied professional background such as being a medically retired municipal police officer, a retired training manager for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a Medic First Aid Instructor and course director certified by PADI. In addition, he was a CPR/First Aid instructor for the American Red Cross. He was an Advance Crisis Response Team member certified by the National Organization for Victim Assistance and U.S. Office of Victims’ of Crime. In addition, Robert was trained in the Mitchell method of Critical Incident Stress Management, and Basic and Group Crisis Intervention. Robert holds several college degrees in Criminology, Sociology, Public Administration/Pre-law, and a Master’s Degree in Social Science which means his training was divided between psychology and adult training.  Robert taught at the community college level teaching in four disciplines and taught at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, teaching a course in Psychology and a course in Personality Development. Robert is a very active motorcyclist. He is the former Vice President of the local chapter of the Blue Knights International Motorcycle Club and a Head Road Captain with the local chapter of the Harley Owners’ Group. Robert currently rides a 2015 Harley Ultra Limited.  He rides and enjoys mentoring others plus believes that “education and awareness of this type of course is the key to injury prevention”! To contact Robert for a class, CLICK HERE.


Jesus Leanos, EMT – Lead Instructor

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Jesus_Leanos_picJesus is an avid motorcycle rider and has been for most of his life. He has been teaching the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider course with the Nevada Rider Safety program since 2005. Teaching and helping new riders to learn to ride motorcycles safely for the first time, and being a mentor to advanced riders has become his passion. Jesus has owned and continued to ride various makes and models of motorcycles throughout his life. He currently rides a Harley Davidson 2013 Anniversary Ultra Classic. He rides his bike for pleasure, but it is also his daily commuter to and from work every day and is used as a teaching tool for his advanced rider classes.
As a full time job, Jesus has been working as an Instrument technician at Nevada NV Energy Power Company for last 18 years here in Reno, NV. The Power plant is located 25 miles out of town where they have a medical and fire emergency response time of 25-to 30 minutes away. As a National Safety Council instructor and a NV licensed EMT since 1997, one of his responsibilities at the plant is being a lead medical instructor for the rescue team. Jesus says, “I educate the team at NV Energy, as well as other organizations in CPR, First AID & AED. As a member of rescue team at the plant we are trained in High Angle & confined space rescue as well as medical emergency response”.
Jesus is a bi-lingual (Spanish) instructor for the Nevada Riders Program, He speak fluently in English and Spanish, and as an EMT this has been very helpful in providing training for various riders in the community. I enjoy filling my spring and summer weekends teaching MSF Basic, experienced rider’s course in addition to teaching Nevada’ new Advanced Rider Course. When I heard about ASM training it was a natural fit and I look forward to bringing this course to Nevada as one of the first two instructors!
To contact me for a course fill out the form online.


William “Bill” Scott, ASM Certified Instructor

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William Scott PicBill is a Total Control Beginning/Intermediate Instructor and an Isle of Man TT Marshal.

Bill has over 50 years of motorcycle experience. After spending 35 years in corporate finance, he now devotes his time to his passions, motorcycles and travel. Bill has ridden in 22 countries in Europe, South, Central and North America. he is a certified Instructor for Total Control and also a Marshal in the world famous Isle of Man TT and Classic TT. To contact Bill for a class CLICK HERE









Montana Instructors

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Missouri Instructors


Bill Barr – ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Bill BarrBill has been riding motorcycles for over 45 years starting with dual sport and off-road motorcycle racing. Over the years he began expanding to street riding and has continued the love of motorcycles ever since. Bill took his first ASM class in 1999 in St. Louis and has taken both courses 3 additional times to keep his skills current along with staying certified in first aid and CPR/AED.Bill has put his ASM skills to work on four motorcycle accidents and three car accidents since first being trained. For the past 30 years he has worked with people with disabilities in which he has respondedto medical needs such as seizures and various injuries of many employees until EMS arrived. He also has additional experience in industrial education and law enforcement.Bill and his wife Vicky are passionate about ASM training and have personally sponsored two ASM classes in Missouri and one in Kansas. They have a love for motorcycles and motorcycle safety and are involved in motorcycling as a member of the AMA, MOA, Rescue Riders, Road Guardians, Patriot Express and Patriot Guard. Bill said, “Of all the various kinds of training I’ve taken through the years, ASM training is the most important”.  To schedule a class with Bill, contact him byfilling out the form online.


Vicky Barr – ASM Certified Instructor

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Vicky Barr Vicky took the MSF class and began riding her own bike in 1999. Since moving to Missouri in l997 from Texas, she has been active in county and state emergency preparedness. Her training and emergency preparedness management began as an assistant director for a Fire Explorer Post. From that experience, Vicky worked in County Emergency Management for over five years. She started a local Citizen Corps and was program manager and senior instructor for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). She taught citizens and business owners how to take care of themselves, their families, employees and neighborhood for 72 hours during disasters, terrorism and crime.During those years, Vicky earned a Professional Development Series certificate through the Federal Emergency Management Institute.Her volunteer experience in disasters included working in the area of Search and Rescue following the Joplin, MO tornado through CERT and as an American Red Cross volunteer.She is a member of Rescue Riders (Missouri Coordinator), Road Guardians, Patriot Guard, Missouri Patriot Express, Kansas City BMW Motorcycle Club, Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and the American Red Cross. After taking the ASM Basic and Advanced courses, she and her husband have participated in many ASM training sessions and have sponsored Basic and Advanced classes in Missouri and Kansas.  To schedule a class with Vicky, contact her by filling out the form online. 



Virginia Phillips, RN – Lead Instructor

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Virginia Phillips

Virginia has been around motorcycles most of her life beginning with her handsome husband of 30 years  riding a Honda 750  starting before they were married. Besides riding with Steve for many years she also had experiences riding her own dirt bike. After raising two children, a Physicist and future Pharmacist, Virginia became a nurse in 1997. She has worked in hospitals as LPN and later became an RN. She mostly enjoys home health care for elderly and pediatric patients. For ten years she has volunteered with the American Red Cross regularly. She became bored riding behind Steve on their Electra-glide so in 2001 she brought home her own Heritage Classic that she has customized just for her. Its name is White Shadow. Early riding began by taking a MSF Basic course and practicing around town. Then the advanced course, what a confidence builder. Practice and confidence has led to several touring rides through many states and memorable adventures. Virginia belongs to H.O.G. and has served as the Ladies of Harley officer in her local chapter. Since 2000 she also operates her leather sewing business, Grace Specialties Inc., and uses her creative talents to embellish, repair and manufacture leather garments for bikers. “I agree that the need to present Accident Scene Management training is more urgent now than ever. The average age of the motorcyclist is rising. The injury and fatality rate among motorcyclist is increasing. Public awareness of motorcycling is increasing as well. We are willing to travel to train people to help each other. People usually don’t care what you know until they know that you care, and we both care about people”.

Contact me by filling out the form online.


Charles “Chip” Smack, Paramedic – Lead instructor

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Charles Smack PicMy first motorcycle experience was a dirt bike that I could never seem to get enough of. My father owned a 175 which I always seemed a passenger of. The first bike I personally owned was a 1979 Honda CB750K. I drove it daily until one day I blew out 3rd gear and then we had kids. I looked around for years for something that I wanted and found a 1985 Honda Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade. In my first full year I put over 10,000 miles on it going back and forth to work including a few day trips and group rides. I currently belong to our church’s riding group of over 400 riders and participate in the Patriot Guard. I attended my first ERC training this summer, which I highly recommend to all riders. My wife and my youngest daughter ride with me frequently.

I’ve been a paramedic for over 25 years. My most recent experience was in a high volume area as a supervisor. I have treated several patients of motorcycle accidents over the years. All of these were the result of speed and/or the negotiation of a turn. I have been a CPR instructor for most of my career and an instructor for other EMS programs including adjunct faculty for EMTs. Contact me by filling out the form online.



Mississippi Instructors

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Minnesota Instructors


Sylvia Haroldson, RN – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Sylvia grew up riding snowmobiles, go-carts and anything that would go fast. She has been riding Motorcycles since 2003 and currently enjoys riding her 2009 Harley Road King Classic. As a member of two Harley Owner’s Groups (HOG) Chapters, she has been an active Road Captain since 2007. Sylvia has completed basic and advanced motorcycle riding classes through MN state training programs.

Sylvia has over 15 years of hospital nursing experience working in critical care, post anesthesia and orthopedic areas. In addition, she has worked in home care for over 20 years including working as a Clinical Manager; supporting the specialty nurses for wound, mental health, post transplant, infusion and disease management care.

Sylvia says: “My husband Bruce and I attended Accident Scene Management (ASM) Instructor training in 2012 and have taught 3 to 5 ASM classes each year since that time. As a Lead ASM Instructor I know that providing effective instructions to manage accidents improves accident victim’s chances and decreases risk of additional injuries at the scene”. Contact Sylvia by filling out the form online.



Bruce Haroldson, Certified ASM Instructor

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Bruce is a Lifetime Member of HOG and belongs to two chapters.  He is the former Head Road Captain and Assistant Director of one chapter. Presently he is also a board member of the other chapter. Besides riding motorcycles he likes to hunt, fish (summer and winter), ride ATV’s and generally enjoy anything with the outdoors. Bruce says. “I love spending time with my two grandsons. I believe in ASM and enjoy teaching the classes along with my wife Sylvia”. He completed ASM instructor certification training in 2012 and says, “It’s rewarding to hear from people we have trained and who have used the information they learned in class to help others”. Bruce is certified in CPR and advanced first aid. Bruce can be contacted by filling out the form online.







Chris Hawver – Lead Instructor, ASM BOD member

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Chris HawverMy name is Chris Hawver and I live in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I was raised in Atlanta.  I have a completed Riders Edge, Advanced Riders Edge, Accident Scene Management Basic and Advanced. I have also completed Harley-Davidson’s Primary Officer Training. I am a Road Captain, a Safety Officer, a member of two HOG chapters. I ride a 2000 Low Rider and a 2008 Anniversary Street Glide. For me, it’s all about riding and having fun. But safety comes from learning and successful experiences.

To schedule a class or seminar for Minnesota or Northern Wisconsin, please contact Chris by filling out the form online.




Karen Padilla, EDT – Lead Instructor

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Karen PadillaKaren began riding when she was 18 years old. She is currently a Road Captain with the St. Paul HOG Chapter and was a former Activities Officer of 2 years.  She is currently a Women In Motion Road Guardian and a Life Member Road Guardians, HOG National and a member of ABATE.  Karen is involved  with the Ramsey County Medical Reserves and as been working at a local hospital since 2001.  She ride a 2008 Heritage Softail.  “Life is best on two wheels so let’s ride safe and have fun”. You can contact Karen by filling out the form online.




Michigan Instructors


John Dugay B.S., NREMT-P, I/C – Lead instructor/Instructor Trainer

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John DugayJohn started his career in EMS in 1998 going to work for a local ambulance service in the Flint area. He then moved to a county EMS system were he worked as a Paramedic, Field Trainer and Part-time shift Coordinator. He also works as a special event medic for a Detroit company and has done such events as The North American International Auto Show, Michigan State Fair, Super Bowl and Detroit Winter Fest along with many other concerts and music festivals. John is also a firefighter, Fire Instructor and Hazardous Materials Technician. He currently serves as the EMT Programs Coordinator and heads the Continuing Education programs at large hospital located in Flint. John has been riding motorcycles off and on since he was 16. In 2006, John bought his first Harley Davidson and he and his wife haven’t looked back. They both are avid bikers and enjoy taking long trips. They have been to the Sturgis Rally, Daytona Beach Rally, Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Rally and have ridden the Dragon. (Where the picture was taken.) John is a Lifetime Member of H.O.G. and is a Road Captain in the Shiawassee HOG Chapter. He has been teaching CPR/First Aid classes to several local HOG chapters for past few years. He also has recently joined the Rescue Riders in hopes to further promote biker safety.

To contact John, fill out the form online.



Debbie Parinello, NREMT – Paramedic – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Debbie ParinelloI was introduced to motorcycles by my father at 3 years old, I have loved them ever since. When he would take me to school on his motorcycle I was always saying, “DADDY GO FASTER”, this lasted my entire life.

Over 20 years ago my husband, and best friend bought my first bike, a Honda 250. He is an awesome teacher. In no time I needed a bigger bike, I told him I was tired of shifting 2 to his 1 to keep up on my little bike.

In 1996 he asked what I wanted for Christmas, I thought about it for 2 seconds and replied,”Road Race Lessons”. I had to wait till July for my present, but it was well worth the wait. One week after class we were on our way to Chicago to buy my first race bike. I raced for three years, and became the first woman expert road racer in Michigan. It was the experience of a lifetime. My husband was my wrench, he always taught me that the most important things were to ride safe, and finish the race. I did have my share of spills though. There is a saying amongst racers, “If your not crashing you are not racing”. I must have been racing. During the 3 years of making the circuit with the Great Lakes Road Racing Association, I managed to cover 8,000 miles while negotiating 65,000 turns at an average speed of 75 mph. I missed judged 8 turns, which resulted in 4 concussions, turning my spine backwards, breaking one finger, one foot and a finger nail.

After our 4 kids grew up and left the nest, we decided it was time to take our life long trip. This was to ride our bikes cross-country. We bought are cruisers and off we went. It was an incredible adventure; we still have 3 states left to see.

I belong to the Women on Wheels Free Spirit Chapter of Michigan. I was introduced Bystander Assistance at a seminar given by my fellow members and friends Tammie and Ann, who are also Instructors here in Michigan. I was so impressed with the information that was being given, I decided to become and EMT and take the instructor training as well, so I could help get this most valuable information out to more bikers. During our trip there were areas that we didn’t see a car on the road for 2 or more hours, what would we have done? Cell phone service, forget it. This is the reason I am so excited to have the opportunity to help make a difference.

I can be contacted by filling out the form online.



Anne Solari, EMT – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Anne SolariAnne teaches health in a middle school in Ann Arbor, MI as well as being the Head Athletic Trainer of the largest high school in Michigan. As an athletic trainer she works with student-athletes to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate athletic injuries. She is nationally certified as an Athletic Trainer as well as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. She is certified as an instructor for the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR/AED. Through her jobs she spends much time training others in health related topics and life saving skills. As a motorcyclist, becoming an instructor of a Bystander Assistance Program seemed liked a simple and logical transition, and something she really enjoys doing. After one year of instructing Anne has trained over 250 people in Basic and Advanced Bystanders classes, and is really looking forward to another year of adventures.

Anne has been riding her Honda Shadow ACE 750 since October of 2001, and recently upgraded into the world of a big girl bike. She is currently riding a Kawasaki Nomad 1600 and LOVES it!(Put over 4000 miles on it in the first 3 months)

Best way to contact her is by filling out the form online.



Massachusetts Instructors


Jose Archila, Captain – Paramedic – ASM Lead Instructor

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Jose ArchilaJose has been riding since 1993. He has been involved with motorcycle groups since 2003. He served as the past President of Star Chapter 225 in Massachusetts and is currently a member of the Boston chapter of the Harley Owners Group. Jose has been an EMT since 1985 with the last 30 years working at Boston EMS.  He currently holds the rank of Captain. Jose has been a state paramedic since 2000 as well as an instructor / coordinator and EMT examiner.  He says, “I enjoy teaching and, with my love of motorcycling, I hope to bring my two interests together in order to help riders learn how to assist other riders who may have suffered an injury until emergency crews arrive”. His current bike is a 2014 FLHTP Electra Glide.  Jose looks forward to working with you and your group! To Contact Jose, Click Here




Robert “Bob” Barcomb, Lt. / EMT-I with PHTLS – Lead Instructor

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Robert Barcomb

I started my fire service career in 1989 after growing up around the local fire department (born and raised in Southampton, MA). I have simultaneously served on as many as three Fire Departments that also provide ambulance service. I have worked with Paramedics as a basic EMT as well as, and mostly as an Intermediate. I worked my way from FF to training officer to Chief on the town’s call department. I have earned at least one certification a year throughout my career and continue at that pace. Currently I am a shift officer (Lt.) at the 104 FW Air National Guard Base in Westfield, MA; I started there in 1994. I have also served with both the Army Reserve and Air National Guard.

I started riding dirt bikes as a kid and transition to street bikes several years out of high school. My first was a 1985 Honda Interceptor. Then graduated to a H-D Sporty; now I ride a 2002 H-D Fatboy.

I think adding ASM instruction will be an interesting fulfilling new direction. You can contact me by filling out the form online.



Maryland Instructors

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Maine Instructors

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Louisiana Instructors

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Kentucky Instructors

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Kansas Instructors

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Iowa Instructors

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Indiana Instructors


Lucinda E Robinson, EMT – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Hello, My name is Lucinda E Robinson. I am a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant in Indianapolis Indiana. I have been on the Department for 20 years. For the past 13 years I have been stationed as a supervisor over the ER Holding Room and Detention areas at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis. Wishard Memorial Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Center. My medical background includes Indiana State Certification as an EMT-B, PI, and American Heart Association BLS Instructor working at IU Health, Emergency Services Education Center, Central Nine Career Center and Owner/Operator of Hands Helping Hearts CPR, LLC. I am also currently an American Heart Association Regional Faculty member. My family has been into motorcycling for over 40 years and I look forward to bringing this training to Indiana. I can be reached by filling out the form online.




Glenn D Hollandsworth (Dave) – Lead Instructor

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Dave Hollandsworth picHello, My name is Dave Hollandsworth. I have been riding motorcycles since 1972 starting out on a Honda dirt bike at age 14. From 1980-2010 I was an Indianapolis Police Officer. I rode a police bike for 20 years of my career, from 1984-2004 with annual training and riding testing. In 1985 I attended the Harley Factory Mechanics School in Milwaukee Wisconsin for training. I have been a H.O.G. member since 1993. I am also a 25 year member of F&AM.

In 2009 I became an EMT-B and in 2011 I became an American Heart Association CPR Instructor. I can be reached by filling out the form online.



Dan Nolan – ASM Assistant Instructor

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nolan2Dan is a full time, full serve real estate broker which allows him to set his own schedule. Dan says “It allows me to be active in motorcycling and advocacy events” and is one of the original founders of the IL Chapter of the EMS Road Docs.  Dan has been riding since he was 12 and has seen his fair share of bumps and bruises. After a bad accident in 1995, Dan chose to get more life out of this time on earth and has discovered a huge need to be ready for anything the open road brings. Once the kids left and made him an empty nester, he decided to volunteer more time to the riding community and saw the need for people to step up and help each other when the worst happens. Dan has been all about ASM since he took the classes in 2010. His focus on safety focuses on BOTH sides of the handlebars and he is always looking for ways to take training to a more professional level. Dan’s personal goal is to have every person carry a first aid kit and know how to use it.
Dan can be contacted by filling out the form online.



Illinois Instructors


Lynda Farrar, RN – ASM Lead Instructor

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Lynda1I am an EMT-B, LPN, RN/BSN as well as an AHA CPR/First Aid instructor. I am currently working on my MSN with the focus being education. Once I complete my MSN I will sit for my (CNE) Certified Nurse Educator. As you can see, education is a love of mine! I currently work as a PCU nurse with a focus in cardiac at a local hospital in my area. I have been an nurse since 2009. I was on a fire department for approximately a year as an EMT-B. For me nursing is not a career, it is a passion that I believe strongly in. I believe that is important to give back to my community and pay it forward in an effort to help others do what they love.

I have been an avid motorcycle rider since 2004 and have ridden racetracks two up. I started my riding career with sport bikes and I now own a Harley Fat Bob. I prefer to be the passenger instead of the driver as I have gotten older. My husband and I belong to American Veterans Motorcycle Riding Association Chapter 10 as well as Rescue Riders. I have done more studying for nursing school than I can remember on the back of our Harley. There is just something about the open road that frees my mind and makes it easier to concentrate. Can you relate? I would love to be your instructor. Contact me and let me know how I can help get you and or your group trained in Accident Scene Management.



Josh Lewis, FF/Paramedic – ASM Lead Instructor

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Josh LweisJosh Lewis is a fulltime Firefighter/Paramedic with the city of Rochelle Fire Department in Rochelle, Illinois.  He has been involved in the fire service and emergency service for the past 18 years.  He is also the president of Fire and Iron MC Station 67 based out of Rochelle, Illinois.  Josh says, “This is one of the many stations (charters) of the Firefighter’s Motorcycle Club throughout the United States and now in Germany as well”.  He has been a fulltime Firefighter for the last 11 years and teaches a wide array of classes part-time including First Aid/CPR and Paramedic classes. To contact Josh, CLICK HERE to fill out a contact form.







Dan Loughridge – Level Two ASM Instructor

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Dan Pic

I have been riding motorcycles since 2007 and motorcycling continues to be a consuming passion of mine. I got involved with ASM training after experiencing two very close calls while on a group ride with friends in a remote area of Northern Michigan.  After those experiences, I started searching the Internet for training that was more advanced than basic 1st Aid but didn’t require formal medical training as a prerequisite. My research eventually led me to the Rescue Riders who then led me to ASM. I have completed Advanced ASM training certification and have been an active Rescue Rider for the last 3 years. I also have been serving as the Membership Officer of the Rescue Riders since 2013. When I’m not riding motorcycles or training to save lives I work as a High Voltage electrical/electronic engineer in the medical radiographic and CT imaging
industry. To contact me, fill out the form online.






Darrin Salzman, LCSW, NREMR – ASM Lead Instructor

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DarrinSalzmanPic4-RGwebDarrin a NREMT certified EMR licensed in the State of Illinois. He is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) trained in disaster mental health and critical incident stress management (CISM).   Darrin is licensed as a chaplain trained in disaster spiritual care, public safety, and disaster response. He currently volunteers with the Winnebago County Medical Reserve Corps. Darrin says that in his “younger days”, he served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps.

Darrin is an avid motorcycle rider and a member of the Iron Butt Association. He enjoys long trips and has traveled the historic route 66, ridden the Tail of the Dragon, and recently made a pilgrimage to Sturgis. He was also fortunate to be able to attend a Woodstock Harley Davidson Advanced Riding Academy class during the summer of 2017. Darrin currently rides and volunteers with the EMS Roaddocs of Illinois and with the Steel Witness chapter of CMA.

Darrin states: “My journey to becoming an ASM Lead Instructor and Certified Road Guardian began with a motorcycle accident several years ago. Since that time, I have been very committed to motorcycle safety and first aid training”. Darrin may be contacted by filling out the form online.




Robert Ward – ASM Certified Instructor

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BobWardPicBob Ward has been riding a motorcycle since 1975 and currently owns a 2005 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. His past experience and education within Emergency Services, along with his business management positions for over 25 years, makes him a perfect fit with ASM. Bob has completed college level courses in Emergency Management and has lead a group of 40+ volunteers in the City of Palos Hills working directly with Law enforcement and Political Leaders in town as well as surrounding communities. Bob coordinated and implemented disaster plans and community events. Because he supplied medical, security and traffic control; he understands the unique challenges of coordinating groups of people. He holds a valid State of Illinois First Responder Certificate and stays current with CPR/AED. After being in the medical field for over 20 yrs., Bob looks forward to training new ASM Bystanders in the specifics of motorcycle trauma. Bob said: “After meeting Teresa McClelland AKA “Trauma Mama” in 2008 I got involved with Rescue Riders and have been working with them ever since. I currently serve as Vice President of the organization”. Bob maintains his connections with Cook County and Melrose Park EMS.

To contact Bob fill out the form online.



Mary Ward – ASM Certified Instructor

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Mary Ward has been a Rescue Rider for five years. She is an officer for the Rescue Rider organization and is currently serving as the Events coordinator. She has taken ASM Basic and Advanced training as well as a number of First Aid Classes and even a First Responder Class. She takes continuing education programs at every opportunity.  Her desire is to support the common goal of Rescue Riders and Accident Scene Management – Reducing Injuries and Fatalities!

Mary has experience in teaching in a number of areas such as Personal Safety, Traffic Control and even Real Estate Training. She has good organizational skills which coming in handy for teaching since for paperwork and setting up classes is a major component! Her leadership skills from holding positions in the PTA, Civil Air Patrol – as squadron commander, and Girl Scout Leader have prepared her to work efficiently. Mary has many certifications that help her be an excellent instructor as she has prepared herself with knowledge to be able to assist in any crisis situation. She is certified in CPR, Accident Scene Management and has completed her MSF course. She belongs to numerous motorcycle organizations including ABATE of IL. To schedule a class with Mary, fill out the form online.


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Idaho Instructors


Trina Michaelis , WFR- Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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My lifelong attraction to anything mechanically driven started on a “tote goat” around the age of 6.  Some 50+ years later I’ll ride a 4-wheeler or snowmobile whenever possible but my first choice is always either the Electra-glide for touring or BMW R1150R just for fun.    Even as an Idaho STAR Program Instructor I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my riding skills and am constantly taking advanced riding courses.   I am also a member of the Society for Motorcycle Safety Administrators, the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety, LOH, AMA & Patriot Guards and a proud Lifetime Road Guardian.  Currently I serve as the WOW Ambassador for Idaho & road captain for the Idaho chapter of Women on Wheels.  Along with being a Wilderness First Responder, Red Cross WFR/First Aid/CPR Instructor I believe the ASM program should be a requirement for anyone who rides or just loves motorcycling.    I look forward to advancing ASM accident scene management and emergency care training for riders in and around Idaho.    Come out and take a class, be ready to assist and provide aid to our fellow riders when the unfortunate happens!


For information about scheduling classes please contact me by filling out the form online.




Deby Clover – ASM Certified Instructor

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Deby Clover pic for webDeby has been an active participant in anything with wheels most of her life. Her mechanical aptitude was nurtured from an early age as she worked on and restored many different cars, so her interest in motorcycles came naturally. She rode dirt bikes as a child and rode & raced mountain bikes for 20+ years before getting back into motorcycles in 2012. Deby bought her first street bike at that time, a Honda VTX1300. She says, “I am passionate about motorcycles and like most things I’m passionate about; I read everything I could get my hands on about riding. I took several of the local MSF STAR courses and am on my bike nearly everyday practicing and enjoying the ride”. Deby joined several different riding groups, including Motor Maids, Patriot Guard Riders and Women On Wheels®, AMA & Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety. In 2016 she became the director for her local Women On Wheels® chapter and continues to serve in that capacity. She has worked for over 30 years as a veterinary technician and received the hands on skills that go along with the day-to-day world of veterinary medicine, including emergency veterinary care. She firmly believe in the mission of ASM training for all riders and being prepared for all situations. Deby said, “I believe all motorcyclists should have this training in order to know how to properly handle an injured motorcyclist and the crash scene. To contact Deby for a class, CLICK HERE





Hawaii Instructors


Francia Birulin, RN/EMT – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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cherryFrancia “Cherry Bomb” Birulin  is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and recognized her passions early in life and embarked on a determined journey to achieve them, welcoming challenges and new experiences along the way.  Her EMS career began with EMT-I training through the US Army in 1988 and Hawaii Air National Guard, USAF during Desert Storm.  After graduating with her BSN in 1995, Francia’s nursing career progressed as ER/Trauma Nurse, Nursing Supervisor/ Clinical Coordinator, and Ground Ambulance and Flight Nurse primarily in Arizona, California and Hawaii.  She is a Certified Emergency Nurse and affiliated with Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA).Always drawn to motorcycles as a young child Francia began riding her own 2003 Anniversary HD 1200 Custom XL Sportster in Northern California and is currently in Hawaii where she enjoys “riding circles in Paradise.”  More importantly, she is a proud mom to two loving sons who share in her passion of travel and experiencing new cultures.  Today, Francia still works in EMS at a rural Emergency Department, and is a part time Independent Consultant and International Transport Nurse.  She is an active member of Dangerous Curves and Street Bikers United in Hawaii and firmly believes in the mission of ASM training for all riders in order to be realistic, proactive and prepared in all situations.  To get in touch with Fran fill out the form online.



James Harbin, MSG – Lead Instructor

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I have been riding motorcycles since I was a young child. My first Harley Davidson motorcycle was a 2005 Softail Deuce and I also ride a 2008 Electra Glide Ultra Classic.  I am a member of the HOG organization and Founder, Founding President and current member of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club (BSMC) Jackson, TN.

I currently serve as a soldier on active duty military for 20+ years with several deployments to combat zones to include Desert Shield/Desert Storm where I had my first experience as first responder to traumatic injuries. Other deployments include Operation Restore Hope, Somalia and two deployments to Operation IRAQI Freedom where I was recognized for aiding and assisting wounded nationals as the result of a deadly night indirect fire attack.  Continuing education with the Army Combat Life Saver Course (CLS) program made this possible.

As the Senior Military Science Instructor at the University of Tennessee, Martin I developed and managed the military motorcycle mentorship program for the ROTC program at the college. While in West Tennessee I Orchestrated the first Ezra Howard Ride to honor WWII Veteran Ezra Howard who fought with the all-famous black 92nd Infantry Division known as the “Buffalo Soldiers”. Thanks to three counties and the support of local officials and police escorts, over 250 motorcycle riders rode over 65 miles with no incidents.

Contact me by filling out the form online.



Joe McLary, PA – ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Joe McLary

Joe is originally from Chicago, IL but says “I’ve been lucky enough to be living in Hawaii for the last 17 years and part time in the Philippines for the last 10 years”. Joe has been riding since the age of 12 starting with a 65 cc Benelli mini-bike with proceeds from selling lemonade and cookies in front of a busy construction site. He then graduated to a 76’ Harley Sportster and began blazing the streets of Chicago. Currently Joe is riding a 2013 Tri-Glide in Hawaii and a custom springer trike in Dumaguete, Philippines where he enjoys riding through the mountains.

Joe’s interest in emergency medicine started when he became an EMT in 1978 in Chicago. He went on to become a Paramedic Officer for the Chicago Fire Department and Scuba Diving Instructor prior to becoming a Physician’s Assistant in a freestanding rural Emergency Department. Joe received the Paramedic of the Year award in 1982 when he and his partner safely recued 36 people from a burning building at a time that was before Chicago Fire Department had a formal disaster response plan in place. In 1994, he graduated from Cook County Hospital Physician Assistant Program as Class President with Honors.

In 2001 Joe was the medic for John Bennett when he became the first person to complete an open water scuba dive to a world record depth of 1,024 ft. / 308 meters as documented by National Geographic and Guinness Book of World Records. Currently Joe is working 12 & 24 hour shifts in the Emergency Department at Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center on Oahu, Hawaii. He says “ I spend all of my free time scuba diving and riding my Harley in paradise”. Joe also has friends and family in Dumaguete, Philippines where he looks forward to teaching local bikers ASM classes.

To contact Joe for classes in Hawaii or the Philippines fill out the form online.


Georgia Instructors


Jean Herndon, NREMT-I – Lead Instructor and Phil Herndon – ASM Certified Instructor

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Jean HerndonJean Herndon, NREMT-I – Lead Instructor
Jean was a motorcycle rider for many years before taking an extended break to raise her son. She received her endorsement when Maryland first required separate licensing; no written test was involved but a road test was required, in this case, in a December snow “event” in Silver Spring, Maryland. (Note: The examiner returned to the DMV building saying something like, “If you get back here in one piece, you’ll pass.”). Jean got Phil interested in motorcycling when they had an opportunity to check out all of the 2003 models while volunteering with MDA on the H-D Centennial Tour. They liked the Road King best so, one week after her son stopped by their house on a new 2003 Sportster, she convinced Phil they should purchase a 2003 Black and Silver Road King Classic.

Jean has been a First Aid and Medical Emergency Response Team volunteer for over 25 years and an ASHI-Certified First Aid and CPR/AED Instructor for over six years. She volunteered as an ASM Course Assistant and then certified as an Assistant Instructor. In 2008, she completed the EMT-Intermediate program through North Metro, now Chattahoochee, Technical College and passed her National Boards to advance from an Assistant Instructor to Lead Instructor for ASM. Jean is licensed to practice in Georgia.

Jean has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Education, serving her Senior Internship as an Ensign with the U.S. Public Health Service, CDC, TB Unit Training Department. Her career has spanned a wide range of professions, from Social Worker to Business School Instructor and later, from Data Processing Technical Writer/Editor to Computer Technician. Jean is now retired after 20 years with AT&T in Data Processing Centers, where she met and married Phil.

Phil Herndon – ASM Certified Instructor
Phil has been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles since 2003 after completion of the MSF program. He has twice completed the Experienced Rider Course. He, as well as Jean, has been involved in ASM instruction since 2004 as a Course Assistant and Assistant Instructor. He says he “serves as ‘pack mule’ and technology expert for Jean in our safety-based training center, North Georgia Biker Safety.” Phil is an active member of the Cartersville Georgia HOG Chapter and Cherokee County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). He has been employed full time with AT&T for over 25 years; he is currently an IT Metrics Analyst. The Road King now shares space with Phil’s 2008 Road Glide and Jean’s 2008 Electra Glide Trike.

Jean and Phil can be reached by filling out the form online.


Florida Instructors


Cindy “Purple” Leavel RN,CCRN – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Cynthia LeavelCindy “Purple” Leavel RN,CCRN – Lead Instructor

Greetings from Panama City Beach! I’m known by the nick name “Purple” and have been an RN for 35+ years. Most of my clinical experience has been in Critical Care settings with time in PACU and ER. I’ve been riding my own motorcycle since 1982. My first bike was a 1963 Panhead FLH. Currently, I ride a 2003 Night Train. In 2006 I took 3 months off work and rode the 48 states logging in 18K+ miles. Long distance riding is my passion! When I returned home from the ride a friend on Facebook linked me up with ASM. I was hooked after taking the classes and in February ’07 I went to Atlanta and took classes with Phil & Jean Herndon to become SC’s first ASM Instructor. Since then I’ve traveled around SC teaching and meeting some great biker folks. I feel everyone should take these classes and learn to save a life. The life that’s saved could be a friend, loved one or even your own! Contact me to schedule a class or a presentation for your group.

Ride Free – Ride Safe – Ride Prepared – Purple

To contact fill out the online form.


Colleen M. Vetere, RN, MPH – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Colleen Vetere has been an avid motorcyclist since the early 80’s and over the years has owned motorcycles of many makes and models. Her current bike is a 94 Harley Davidson Road King on which she has ridden over 125,000 miles. Her primary biking passions include long distance, cross-country travel and she has taken many such trips over the years.  A Registered Nurse by training, Colleen has worked in a variety of clinical and consultative settings over the past 25+ years.  Her clinical experiences include emergency rooms and intensive care units in hospitals in Austin and Houston TX.  She also served for ten years in the U.S. Army Reserves, Army Nurse Corps and was an assistant professor in the healthcare management programs for a couple of university settings.  Colleen is a member of AMA, HOG, and Road Guardians and a former MSF Rider Education Coach.  She has been teaching the Bystander Assistance Classes since 1999 and is now also one of ASM’s Instructor Trainers for the USA.

She can be reached by filling out the form online.



Diane Borges-MacLennon (Dmac) – Lead instructor

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Diane_MacLennon pic…rolling along , knees in the breeze…..everything is great…..taking in the scenery, and being one with the road…..and then, before you know it….a biker is down. Now what? If you want to find out the answer and how to help your brother or sister of the road…..come out to a class and learn how you can be there in your brothers/sisters time of need. You never think it’s going to happen to you, your family, or friends. We’ve all buried too many from that “left hand turn”. “I didn’t see him….” These words are heard over and over……
Being one with the road is my life, my passion. I’ve witnessed many accidents happen, lost many a brother/sister through the years. An Independent supporting: Bikers Down and Mother on a Mission, ABATE of Florida (life member/Skyway Chapter Charter Member), Suncoast Brotherhood Life Member ( MRO), MAFT (Motorcycle Awareness Foundation of Tennessee), and the local biker community…, I’m currently pursuing my RN/ BSN. I’ve been an LPN for 24 years, the last 16 years in Anticoagulation Therapy. The past 5 years have been spent traveling as a Clinical Specialist in that same field, working to educate patients and medical professionals about the benefits of High Quality Anticoagulation Management.
I was put on my first motorcycle at 5 years old. I was hooked. I’ve been riding most of my adult life, and have logged many miles. Only have 6 states out of 50 left to ride through. Have been hit by a cage and knocked off my scoot while stopped at a stop sign (and she was a nurse!). Went down a while back and was lucky enough to live to tell about it….being airlifted to a local trauma center with a bleed in the brain. Now it’s time to pay it forward and spread the word…..teaching you how to help your brothers and sisters if the need should ever arise.
Contact me by filling out the form online if you are interested in hearing more about classes. I am available for Local (Florida) or long distance on-site presentations!


Paul Callahan, NREMT – ASM Lead Instructor

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Paul CallahanPaul Callahan, NREMT, is a Road Captain with the Milwaukee and Paradise (Naples, FL) HOG Chapters as well as the Safety Officer for Milwaukee Chapter. He is an EMT for Paratech Ambulance and with the Elm Grove, WI, Emergency Medical Service.  Paul is certified in Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and has been ASMI trained since 2007. He also teaches Group Riding and Road Captain Training classes for the Milwaukee HOG Chapter, CRP/AED classes for the American Heart Association, is an instructor in Verbal Defense & Influence, and a Facilitator for Surviving an Active Shooter training.  Paul is a Charter, Certified, and Lifetime Road Guardian as well as a Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do.  As a Lead Instructor with many years of teaching experience, he brings a unique and fun style to his classes. Paul can be reached by filling out our instructor contact form.





David Cruz, Paramedic – Lead Instructor

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David cruzI hail originally from NY, Long Island to be specific. I now live in Port Richey, FL. I got my M/C license and my first bike at 17 years old (1973). Three years prior to that I started volunteering at Nassau County Medical Center in the Emergency Room, as an Explorer Scout. Our adviser was the administrator of the hospital, which gave us special privileges. It was fantastic. I logged 2400 hrs. before I graduated HS. I got myself to and from the Hospital with a Jawa Moped. You could ride a 2 wheel vehicle that didn’t go more that 25mph legally without a license. You had to be at least 18 to become an EMT and to get a regular motor vehicle operator’s license, I was already on the Wantagh-Levittown Volunteer Ambulance Corps. In 1975 I became an EMTI at South Nassau Community Hospital in Oceanside, NY, which is what my level of practice is. In 1975 I added NY Firefighter to my skills, have been an instructor for CPR, First Aid and an EMT evaluator for almost as long. I have also been an evaluator at SOLO, a wilderness EMT training facility in NH. I have owned many bikes but currently ride a K1200LT BMW. In 2004 I became an MSF instructor, and have taught here in FL, NH, NYC, and MA. I believe very strongly in the ASM program and feel honored to now be an Instructor. In 1998 I was in a Severe Multi-Trauma Motorcycle accident and had it not been for the trained people who responded quickly, I would not be here. I believe that the more people who are trained the more people who can survive, not only for the Quantity of life, but the Quality of life. If we can make a difference I want to be a part of that. I am currently a member of West Pasco County Medical Reserve Corps and Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Also a Riders Edge Instructor and Rental Manager at Tampa Harley Davidson.

For a class or seminar, contact me by filling out the form online.




District of Columbia Instructors

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Delaware Instructors

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Connecticut Instructors


Megan Posey, EMT-I – Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Megan PoseyMegan Posey is from Southbury, CT. She is an EMT-I and Chief Training Officer of Newtown Volunteer Ambulance. She was appointed as a member of the CT state Critical Stress Management Team for CT in 2017. Megan rides the ambulance more than 18 hours a week and still finds time to teach local EMT-B classes. She is one of many Field Training Officers and loves sharing her experience and knowledge to train new members. She holds certificates in PHTLS and PEPP.  Megan says: “Being a member of NAEMT allows me to attend many EMS training seminars during the year. I have been riding more than 25 years and really enjoy working with people”. Megan is a member of 2 motorcycle clubs in her area and is glad to be a Lead instructor and instructor trainer for ASM.  As an EMT-I, she is part of a team that responds to many motorcycle accidents in her area. She says: “I believe that education can help people better understand how to help others within their community”.

If I can help you or your group, please contact me by filling out the form online.

Check out this article about Megan’s work at Sandy Hook in our January 2014 Newsletter!


Colorado Instructors


Don Enninga, B.S., EMT Intermediate-Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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Don EnningaI am the Emergency Medical Services Coordinator at Morgan Community College, 920 Barlow Road in Fort Morgan, CO.  My EMS career began in 1980 when, having taken an EMT class in Byers Colorado where I was a Vocational Agriculture Instructor, I moved to Wiggins, CO.  When it was known that I was an EMT Basic, I was asked to consider joining Morgan County Ambulance Service. My career there started in October of 1980 and continued until 2010 when I retired from active ambulance service work.

I teach the on- campus EMT Basic, IV, ITLS, CPR and First Aid courses for MCC and coordinate the  EMS course offerings off- campus in the 11,500 square mile service area for MCC.  This encompasses an area from Ft. Morgan east to Wray, south to Burlington, west through Limon to Bennett and back to Ft. Morgan. I also coordinate the on- campus courses such as EMT Intermediate, ACLS, PALS, and others.

I have been a member of ABATE of Colorado since 2003 and currently serve as Northeast Regional Coordinator and Assistant State Coordinator for ABATE of Colorado and a member of District One in northeast Colorado.  I have been an ASM lead instructor since 2008 and believe all motorcyclists should have this training to know how to properly handle an injured motorcyclist and the accident scene.

Please contact me by filling out the form online.




California Instructors



Roxanne Heisinger, RN – ASM Lead Instructor/Instructor Trainer

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RoxannePicAs soon as she could touch the ground, at the age of 8 years old, Roxanne started riding her older brothers 125cc dirt bike. Currently she rides a custom 2008 Street Glide which is the love of her life after her family, (mostly). A well-respected critical care RN for many years, she found herself designated as the go to person in various medical situations. Following a few accidents involving her HOG chapter, it became apparent that more definitive scene management and treatment guidelines were needed for the safety of all the members. Roxanne says “Come take a ride to the beautiful Central California coastline, enjoy the sights and the benefit from our knowledge of this fabulous course. Or you can simply give us a call and we can come to you!!” To contact Roxanne fill out the form online.





Halle Fetty – Assistant Instructor

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Halle FettyI’ve been a rider for 12 years …learned on a Honda Rebel and now ride a Street Glide. I’ve been CPR and First Aid certified for almost 14 years …needed to be as the Leader of my daughter’s Brownie Troop! I’m married to George who’s a Certified RiderCoach for the CMSP and have 2 grown children, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 fish. Our son Andrew was in a bike accident in November 2002 …spent 18 days in a coma, broken femur and wrist, brain stem injuries – lucky for us that the accident was right in front of our local hospital and EMT’s were on the scene within minutes. If the accident had happened anywhere else, with no one nearby trained to help, we know we would have lost him.George and I own and live at Valley V-Twin, a motorcycle dealership in Indio, CA. I am a member of the AMA, Sustaining Member of the MRF & Lifetime HOG member. We’ve brought the ASM classes to our area because we are dedicated to promoting rider training, rider safety, and motorcycle awareness in the State of California – including organizing an annual Motorcycle Awareness Month event every year for the last 4 years – helping others learn what to do in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident just fits in! Becoming an Assistant Instructor was an obvious next step. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, training, and experience with you!

To host a class, you can contact me by filling out the form online or through our website at



Michele Koch, Physical Therapist – ASM Lead Instructor

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MichelePicMichele Koch has been a physical therapist for 20+ years and is currently working as a home-care Physical Therapist for her local hospital, with specialties in wound care, edema, and orthopedics. She has 25 years of motorcycling experience with over 100,000 miles logged! She rides a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic and, by motorcycle, has visited most of the United States, plus Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Michele is a Road Captain for her Harley Owners Group chapter and is a member of the American Motorcyclists Association. At the AMA’s International Women’s Motorcycling Conferences she took the ASM “Crash Course”, and has been grateful to have the information on several occasions since the class. Michele says: “I am passionate about sharing this potentially life-saving training with as many riders as possible because when a biker goes down, another motorcyclist is often the first on the scene. I want the people who I ride with to know what to do in case things go bad”. To contact Michele fill out the form online.



Patricia “Chris” Miles, RN CNOR – Lead Instructor

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I am 53 yrs young and as some would say a “Probie” or “New Kid” as I came late to riding. As an RN for 29 years working in ICU, ER, & Operating Rooms around California &Washington, motorcyclists were known as ‘Donor cycles”. So it was with much trepidation I made the decision to learn to ride when I relocated to an area that made it a financial benefit. I failed my first MSF class (from fear) but had a motorcycle waiting for me in my garage (my Baby Girl an’06 Heritage Softail). Needless to say a learner’s permit, 5 hour riding class, and another skill test later I was an official licensed motorcyclists! And I haven’t looked back! My only regret is that in starting so late I have missed tons of riding opportunities. I now have 3 yrs & change of riding under my belt (61,000 mi) and look forward to riding everyday. I am taking a more active role by membership in American Motorcycling Assoc., my National HOG org. as well as my local HOG & LOH chapter’s (Puget Sound). I am also renewing my ACLS certification. I have spent 15+ years as a preceptor teaching students how to function and think in critical settings. I was introduced to ASM @ the Women’s Conference in Keystone, CO. summer 2009 (absolutely awe inspiring) I was excited to learn how to incorporate this teaching skill into my Love of Riding. One of my sayings is: Knowledge is a free gift and we can never receive enough gifts. So Take it and Ruuun with it !!! For a Class in the NorthWest Region, Contact Chris online.


Steve Peters – ASM Certified Level Two Instructor

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StevePetersPicSteve was born in 1953 in Oakland, California. He moved to San Diego where he started riding motorcycles at 11 years old. He currently rides a 2006 Harley Davidson FLHXI Street Glide. Steve has been involved with Monterey Bay HOG-Santa Cruz since 2003 and is currently the Director of the Santa Cruz side of the club. He has also served as the Assistant Director, Safety Officer and Head Road Captain. Steve has lived in Santa Cruz, California since 1980 and also enjoys surfing and coaching youth baseball. He is currently the President of Santa Cruz Pony Baseball and coaches a 17-19 year old youth baseball team. Steve’s interest in safety is why he has taken CPR and First Aid for Motorcyclists, the Experienced Riders Course through MSF and a Basic Motorcycle Course for Motorcycle Officers. He looks forward to serving motorcyclists by
teaching ASM classes.  Steve can be reached filling out the form online.






Kimberley Wirht – ASM Level Two Certified Instructor

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Kim comes from an extensive aviation and flying background. She is a rated commercial pilot and retired from her career in government as Airport Director and California State Aviation Consultant where she was trained in Aviation and Accident Scene Management relative to aviation/aircraft airports. Her skills covered multiple agency response including police/fire and helicopter Life Flight activities to major aviation/aircraft related incidents.

She began riding motorcycles in 1993 and received her training and education from Northern CA law enforcement motorcycle officers including beginning and advanced riding skills through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and later, the Northern CA Motorcycle Officer Training Academy. Her current rides include an 2006 FLTCU Screaming Eagle Ultra and a 2004 custom VRSC VROD.

Kim rides with the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Monterey Bay Harley Owners Group. She has teamed up with ASM, Road Guardians and Rescue Riders along with her highly skilled teammates on the medical front, Roxanne Heisinger, RN (critical care nurse) and Michele Koch (Physical Therapist) who are ASM Lead Instructors. We will teach those desiring to know more about what they can do to assist their friends and medical personnel as well as those involved in managing a potential vehicle and motorcycle incidents/accidents. To contact Kim fill out the form online.



Arkansas Instructors

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Arizona Instructors


Chris Fagenbush, EMT – ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Chris FagenbushChris is an Illinois native whose Dad moved the family to Phoenix Arizona in 1965. Chris said, “I was introduced to motorcycling from a neighbor who owned two brand new Honda Trails 70cc’s”. He was 12 years old at the time and has been involved with motorcycles ever since. Chris raced motocross in the mid 70’s and has owned 17 motorcycles so far with the latest being a 2005 YamahaFJR 1300 and a 2010 Ducati StreetfighterS1098. He did track days when he owned a 2005 YZF600R. Now he rides a Victory Vison Tour.

Chris is a retired Fire Captain/Paramedic from the Casa Grande AZ Fire Department. He served for 7 years as an EMT-B and 20 years and an EMT-P. Fifteen of those years where serving as the EMS Coordinator for the Department. He graduated from the Samaritan Health Service Paramedic Program in 1993.

Chris said “I am the current Vice President of the local Christian Motorcyclist Association Chapter, Humble Servants of Casa Grande, where I call home”. He has been married for19 years to his wonderful wife Beth. They have two children and six grandchildren. Chris explains, “I am all about community, having fun and being safe”. To contact Chris for a class, contact him online.


Mitch Levy, Retired Paramedic – ASM Lead Instructor

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I have been riding motorcycles since I was seven years old.  I currently ride a 2009 CVO Ultra Classic and a 2009 CVO Street Glide.  I am a member of Anthem HOG, Phoenix HOG & Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club.  I have been involved with emergency medicine since I was thirteen years old.  I have belonged to a number of volunteer ambulance squads, heavy rescue squads, and a fire department.  I joined the Military and was able to attend Paramedic school at Fort Bragg.  I also became an EMT instructor and CPR instructor /trainer.  I attended Paramedic School again at Fort Sam Houston, TX before retiring from the Military in Hawaii where I also was a CPR instructor /trainer prior retiring.  Contact me by filling out the form online.




Brad Meisenburg, LPN – Lead Instructor

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Brad MeisenburgI have been a LPN for 30+ years. I work for the Veterans Administration in an Outpatient Clinic in Rockford. I was a Military Public Health/ Environmental Health Tech in the USAF. I now am a member of the Veterans Affairs First Responders & Winnebago County First Responders. I have worked both Hurricane Katrina and Ike relief operations. I am a member of Rescue Riders. I have been riding for about 40 years. To schedule a class, fill out the form online.






Logan Roberts – ASM Certified Instructor

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Logan RobertsLogan is the General Manager of Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson in

Mayer, AZ. He has been riding since 1977 and has owned everything from mopeds to cruisers to dirt bikes, baggers and even Russian Sidecar motorcycles. Logan has worked in the motorcycle industry since1982 selling all brands from Aprilia to Zero’s. He is a life member of the Gold Wing Road Riders

Association and the Harley Owners Group. He is an active member of A.B.A.T.E. of Arizona and is on the Executive Board of the Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation, A.M.S.A.F. Logan’s interest in the EMS began in 1980 when he completed took an E.M.T. certification course. Life took him in a different direction when he decided to go into motorcycle sales instead of pursuing the First Responder career. Logan said, “I have held almost every officer position with H.O.G. and G.W.R.R.A. It always comes around to me leading or sweeping any rides we do. My Accident Scene Management classes always play a big part on these rides. I believe that the more we know, the safer we will be and the more fun we will have”. Logan has hosted numerous classes for his fellow riders of Northern Arizona and now he believes the time has come to help teach his friends and their friends. Logan says, “Reducing crashes and saving lives… it’s my new mantra”!

Contact me for information about upcoming classes or to book one for your group!



Scott ‘Dragon’ Runde, EMT – ASM certified Lead Instructor

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Scott RundeScott rode on his Dad’s bike when he was a child and has been riding for the last 47 years. He is a retired Field Service Manager and Engineer with a degree in Electronics, and also taught Portrait photography for a number of years. Scott is an Air Force veteran from the Vietnam Era, worked for NASA and at the Naval Shipyards of San Francisco.  Scott rides as a Road Guard with the Patriot Guard Riders of Arizona and provides an escort for Active Duty, Veteran and First Responders throughout the State when requested.  It is an honor to Stand for those that Stood for Us. Scott rides a 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Low. Scott is also a member of the Expendables MC which is a club of Police, Fire, EMS, and Military members that provide support for Veterans and First Responders. To schedule a class with Scott: Click Here



Alaska Instructors


Kimberly Mozingo, RN – ASM Lead Instructor

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Kimberly MozingoKim has been a Registered Nurse since 2008. She said “In 2014 I finally succumbed to motorcycle fever and bought that Harley I was supposed to get for graduation”. She fell in love with her current Fatboy, “Sunny”, instantly! She went on to say, “Alaska has been an incredible place to begin my life on 2-wheels! Now it’s my turn to give back”. Even as a RN, she still believes that laughter is the best medicine. She is a quick-witted, “punny,” optimistic soul who is always cautiously looking for excuses to have fun! Education is power – let’s join forces out on the open road to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists! To contact Kim, click here.







Judith C. L. Smith, EMT – ASM Lead Instructor

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Judy SmithJudy has been riding dirt bikes since she was 10 years old. She was a passenger when she was a child too (at 6 years old). Her parents rode motorcycles and took her on adventures, discovering back roads and even took her camping on the motorcycles. Judy earned her first motorcycle endorsement in 2011 when she took the ABATE of Alaska Motorcycle Safety Course in Anchorage, Alaska. She has been the President of Last Frontier Motorcycle Club since 2013 and is the Treasurer of ABATE of Alaska. She owns a 2003 Honda Shadow; a 2002 Yamaha V-Star and a 2013 Can-AM Spyder. She says, “ I ride as much as I can”. To schedule a class or a presentation contact me online.







Michael Sweet, EMT/FF – ASM Lead Instructor

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Michael SweetMike is a 27 year Air Force veteran. He has been a Firefighter since 1974 for both military and civilian services. Mike added EMT-B in 1978 and advanced through the years to EMT 3 in the State of Alaska.  He teaches EMT’S, CPR, level 3 Fire Instructor and a Fire Officer IV. He taught at the Department of Defense Fire Academy for 6 yrs. Mike is currently the Fire Chief for the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel FD in Alaska.  He has been riding bikes for 36 years.  He owns several Harley’s and is a Life member of HOG and Road Captain for Chapter 66 in Anchorage Alaska. To schedule a class with Mike, click here.





Alabama Instructors

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