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Apparel – learn about protective apparel and wear it.

Staying Warm in Cold Weather

Staying warm when the weather gets cold can be a challenge for motorcyclists Staying warm when the weather gets cold can be a challenge for motorcyclists. We are not only dealing with the physical outdoor temperature but there is no getting away from the effects of wind chill, sunshine, and wet vs. dry weather. For...
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Viking Bags

Viking Bags – Storage options for your bike!

We took our fun bikes to Sturgis this year. No front fenders no windshields and no saddlebags. It’s always a challenge to carry a few items with you when you have no saddlebags. I bungee things to my handlebars and I shove what I can in my pockets but as I head out for the...
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Riding Belts

Riding Belts for Motorcycle Passengers

Riding Belts (Otherwise known as “Buddy Belts”) are growing in popularity It might be due to the fact that younger children can not hang on tight to their parent’s waist or it might be to position the rider so that they are aerodynamically positioned to assist the driver of the motorcycle as they negotiate curves....
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NIOSH hearing information for motorcyclist

Hearing Protection Applies to All Riders

The sun is out and motorcycle season is here. I think most riders will agree one of the best feelings in the world is getting back in the saddle after a long winter. Last-minute preparations and repairs are being made with one eye on the forecast, and it’s easy to miss little details. One often...
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200 Level

How to Commute on a Motorcycle in Safety and Style

So, you’re thinking about commuting to work on a motorcycle It makes good sense – according to commutes go quicker on two wheels. It’s easier to find a parking space and you’ll save a bunch of money on gas too. Here are some tips to help you arrive stylishly and safely at work: Accessorize...
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