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Riding Belts for Motorcycle Passengers

Riding Belts

Riding Belts (Otherwise known as “Buddy Belts”) are growing in popularity

Riding BeltsIt might be due to the fact that younger children can not hang on tight to their parent’s waist or it might be to position the rider so that they are aerodynamically positioned to assist the driver of the motorcycle as they negotiate curves. Click HERE to see a YouTube video.

Now I’ll be honest, when I first heard about this idea I thought NO WAY!!!!  It reminded me of putting a saddle on a horse and I wondered if I’d be able to get the belt tight enough so I wouldn’t be pulled off the bike or jarred out of my position. I wondered about the comfort of wearing a belt that would have to be tight enough for a person to hang on to. I asked my husband what he thought and his initial response was the same, NO WAY!!!!!

Grip and Ride

Then I thought about my kids when they were little and riding behind me trying to hold on to my waist. It might have been nice for them to have “handles” that they could grab and hold on to.  When I actually saw a sample of the riding belt it was more sturdy and wide than I had expected. It comes in many sizes too so the fit should work for anyone.  As I researched the topic I could see that the belts have evolved over time with both positive and negative reviews. The belts seem to be evolving with use.  One of the good things is that the belts are wider, more comfortable and have more sizes to choose from, ensuring proper fit.

To learn more from one of the belt vendors, click HERE

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