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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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ASM International Instructors

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Accident Scene Management – Australia

Phil Lemin -Lead Instructor, Instructor Trainer and Executive Director of Accident Scene Management Australia.

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Phil Lemin has the experience of 30yrs in Emergency Ambulance in Rural Victoria, Australia and he continued his emergency work on Remote Mining and Construction sites throughout Australia. Phil has been a long term motorcyclist and has been touted as owning every brand of motorcycle made with the exception of Harley Davidson.

In 2010 whilst attending Americade In Upper New York State Phil saw a presentation by Gail and David Riley on ASM training he was impressed with what was being taught and the concept of building skills within the Motorcycle community. After talking to Gail and David, Phil was put in touch with Vicki Sanfelipo .
Phil attended instructor training in the USA in 2011 and then set to work developing the ASM program into the Australian Training Framework.
Over approximately 8 yrs, ASM Australia delivered training around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to over 3500 students
ASMA was successful in receiving Government funding for a number of course that were well attended to a large range of Motorcyclists.
After a hiatus, past students coerced Phil into reestablishing Accident Scene Management Australia.
With the capable assistance of Lezanne Dekoning, ASMA has been once again providing the benchmark of motorcycle trauma training around the world.
Phil hopes to grow ASMA back to its former position of the leading provider in Australia. Phil is building a crew of enthusiast people wanting to bring training to your group. Contact ASMA through this link and hope we can get more riders trained in your community.

Lezanne Dekoning, ASM Lead Instructor

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Lezanne_pic_trikeNewton, Australia – Lezanne Dekoning, ASM Lead Instructor Lezanne is a serious Adrenalin Junky and loves anything that challenges her and her ability, she is a trained Scuba Diving Instructor and in her spare time she is a pilot and flies aerobatics and thus knows the thrill adrenalin can give. In 2013 she started riding Harleys from never been on a bike before but she needed to feel the exhilaration only bikers can explain. Due to her background as an Ambulance Emergency Assistant Paramedic, she is fully aware of the risks biking can have and have treated many bikers on scenes of accidents. She is very passionate about training and assisting people and has been training First Aid since 1995. She started her own First Aid and Emergency Training Company in 2002 and trains lots of different First Aid courses and have a huge range of students from Laypeople to Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics. Lezanne trains First Aid classes Level 1,2 and 3, she is also a Resuscitation Council of South Africa Instructor and American Heart Association Instructor training CPR courses.

She is part of the Johannesburg HOG Chapter and has two Harleys that she rides regularly, one Harley Trike and then her Prize winning Dragon bike Scorcher (a fully customized Harley Street Bob). She recently started riding her husband’s Heritage Soft-tail and has now taken it over from him as her own bike- leaving her husband with only 1 Street Glide… “The heritage is an awesome bike to ride, it’s fun and comfortable and I love the rumbling vibration. We ride nearly every weekend and sometimes even take the bike through some serious traffic to work in a very busy Johannesburg.”

Being in South Africa and having all the beautiful roads to travel on- some areas are very remote and sadly getting an ambulance to a scene of an accident even in big cities may be a huge challenge. “Through the years of working on the road as Ambulance Emergency Assistant, I have seen many people die or seriously injured due to lack of available emergency assistance and patient care, not having enough First Aiders and not having the right equipment and training- it is my dream to train as many people in the Bystander Assistance Program as possible to Save Lives and allow patients to ‘live to ride another day’.”

Lezanne is currently working for an International Medical Company full time as a Marketing Manager and is involved in training of distributors and healthcare professionals. Lezanne has many years of management experience since 1998 and has been employed in many different divisions from Sales to Marketing and Training.

As of 2020 Lezanne has continued her journey by relocating to Australia.

Lezanne is available for training in Australia. Contact her by filling out the online form.


Accident Scene Management – Germany

MICHAEL SEXSON – ASM Lead Instructor

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Michael SexsonAPO, AE – Michael started riding when he was 22 years old. His first bike was a 1997 Honda Shadow 650. He now rides a 2020 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.  Michael is a member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, CVMA EUR 52-1, which is currently in Kaiserslautern Germany. He has been a member of CVMA since August 2019.  Michael has a medical background as an EMT working with Fire, Search and Rescue and as a Medical Assistant working in Radiation Therapy and Bariatric Surgery.  He is a former Police officer of 5 years and an Army Veteran of 10 years with 2 deployments to the Middle East. Michael was a Subject Matter Expert for the Army in medical logistics and is now a Purchasing Agent for medical logistics in Germany. To contact Michael for a class or presentation, fill out this contact form.




Accident Scene Management – South Africa

David Spangenberg – BTPLCG (MSYL) – ASM Lead Instructor

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David SpangenbergJohannesburg, South Africa – David enjoys challenges and to be part of his community. In order to do this, he is a veteran in law enforcement, Commercial Diver, Swim instructor, CPO and served with the NSRI as a coxswain, in addition to this he is a certified instructor for First aid and CPR.

As an Ambulance Emergency Assistant he had the opportunity to be able to help those in need, and also volunteered at various ambulance, and rescue services. At his training centre a major part is training First Person on Scene courses. The reason for this is due to all the various emergency scenes he attended and always found that if there was someone that was able to step up to the plate and start with emergency care the outcome could have been different.

His love for motorcycles started when he was with law enforcement when motorcycles became part of their roles and responsibilities. He was hooked and then further went on to own his own motorcycles. “When I did my 1st Road Guardians Course I knew I had to be part of this and started the process of becoming an instructor”

As part of the Gold Rand Chapter in Johannesburg he owns two Harleys of which one is a Night Rod an the other a Fat Boy. “It is a difficult decision to decide which one to ride on as the V-Rod is endless adrenalin and the Fat Boy is just a pleasure to ride”

To schedule a class in South Africa, fill out this contact form


Accident Scene Management – Philippines

Pantaleon ‘LEBOY” Crodua Jr., DDM – ASM Lead Instructor

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Doc Leboy



Mabuhay! I am better known as “LEBOY” by my friends around as well as from the riding community. Formerly connected with Leyte Industrial Development Estate (LIDE) PASAR Hospital, Isabel, Leyte, Philippines owned and managed by Philippine Associated Smelting & Refining Corporation, I am presently an entrepreneur now here on one of the interior towns of Bohol, Philippines after availing early separation program from almost two decades of corporate works.


I have taken the following:

  • BLS-CPR Training for Health Care Providers
  • Standard First Aid
  • First Aid Instructors Course
  • Water Safety & Survival
  • Basics of Emergency Cardiac Care & Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Basic Training Course in Occupational Dental Health
  • Risk Based Safety & Health (BOSH) conducted by the Department of Labor & Employment (DOLE)
  • Basic Airway Management – Intubation
  • Basic ECG Interpretation Skills Workshop and 12-LEADS ECG Diagnostic STEMI Recognition
  • Advance Cardio Life Support (ACLS)
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

I started to enjoy the passion of motorcycling since teenage years and got into serious motorcycle riding in the year 1996 when I started touring around the Philippines tourist destinations with my better half. I ended up becoming part of PINOY WILDHOGS in year 2009, a local motorcycle club based in Ormoc City, Philippines. A few years later the club disbanded and I found myself in the roster of members of another club, the STAR Touring & Riding International to compose the Chapter 2303 Ormoc City, Philippines.  Presently, I am now affiliated with LAMA International Motorcycle Association (LAMA-IMA) / Latin American Motorcycle Association Philippines a.k.a. LAMA PHILIPPINES as the first FULL COLOR MEMBER here in the Philippines and current National President or Country Representative.

Looking forward then to conduct and teach ASM classes/ training so I can impart this safety related information.  You may contact me by filling out a form HERE.

Joe McLary, PA – ASM Certified Lead Instructor

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Joe McLaryWaianae, Hawaii – Joe is originally from Chicago, IL but says “I’ve been lucky enough to be living in Hawaii for the last 17 years and part-time in the Philippines for the last 10 years”. Joe has been riding since the age of 12 starting with a 65 cc Benelli mini-bike with proceeds from selling lemonade and cookies in front of a busy construction site. He then graduated to a 76’ Harley Sportster and began blazing the streets of Chicago. Currently, Joe is riding a 2013 Tri-Glide in Hawaii and a custom springer trike in Dumaguete, the Philippines where he enjoys riding through the mountains.

Joe’s interest in emergency medicine started when he became an EMT in 1978 in Chicago. He went on to become a Paramedic Officer for the Chicago Fire Department and Scuba Diving Instructor prior to becoming a Physician’s Assistant in a freestanding rural Emergency Department. Joe received the Paramedic of the Year award in 1982 when he and his partner safely rescued 36 people from a burning building at a time that was before Chicago Fire Department had a formal disaster response plan in place. In 1994, he graduated from Cook County Hospital Physician Assistant Program as Class President with Honors.

In 2001 Joe was the medic for John Bennett when he became the first person to complete an open water scuba dive to a world record depth of 1,024 ft. / 308 meters as documented by National Geographic and Guinness Book of World Records. Currently, Joe is working 12 & 24-hour shifts in the Emergency Department at Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center on Oahu in Hawaii. He says “ I spend all of my free time scuba diving and riding my Harley in paradise”. Joe also has friends and family in Dumaguete, Philippines where he looks forward to teaching local bikers ASM classes.

To contact Joe for classes in Hawaii or the Philippines fill out the form online.

Biker Down UK

In respectful partnership, we suggest that those who are looking for training in the UK, consider a similar program that has been in existence since 1996 called, Biker Down. Taught by a professional rescuer, you will learn how to secure a scene and make difficult decisions that may save a life! You can find more information and connect to the Biker Down organization HERE



Would you like to start an Accident Scene Management Program in your Country? 

ASM Instructor Qualifications:

  • All Lead ASM instructors (Level One) must be EMT or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist.
  • Assistant (Level Two) instructors must be motorcyclists but do not require medical training. The Level Two instructor will have an opportunity to advance to a level one with time, experience, and a recommendation from a Lead instructor.
  • A Lead instructor must be present at each class. Assistant instructors can teach but not alone
  • Any exceptions to these rules are made on an individual basis by the ASM office

Instructors complete Approximately 15-20 hours of training which prepares them to teach ASM Basic (blended and instructor-led) as well as professional rescuer classes. Instructor training courses are held on an individual basis via online training & Skype calls. An instructor training session can also be scheduled by groups or organizations with 10 or more instructor candidates. CLICK HERE for more information