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Things to Avoid Doing After a Motorcycle Accident

Written by: Attorney Michael F. Hupy

Motorcycle accidents are a very unfortunate reality that all riders need to accept and prepare themselves to face. Despite the best efforts of the motorcycle community encouraging other motorists to watch for riders and make the roads safer and accommodating for them, accidents will sadly still happen. Understanding the possibility of finding yourself the victim of a motorcycle accident is as necessary as making sure your bike runs properly before setting off.

Most readers will likely already be well aware of important safety precautions to take after being involved in a motorcycle accident. There are a few more key factors that all riders should remember in the event of an accident that can drastically affect your legal options. We’d like to break down a few things that all riders should avoid doing after an accident, as knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

  • Never admit fault: Regardless of your specific perception of the accident, determining fault is never as simple as it can seem. As a rider, you should never admit fault to the police or the other driver, as that will almost certainly eliminate your ability to adequately financially recover from the accident.
  • Avoid apologizing: This simple kindness can easily be interpreted by first responders as an admission of fault. This is an incredibly important step to remember, as admitting fault for an accident can easily be used against you by your insurance company as a reason to not adequately pay your damages and any medical bills.
  • Don’t agree to “just drop it”: While this may be tempting as dealing with insurance and the police is a major stressor to most people. Even the smallest accidents should still be reported. Not having an official report of your accident is yet another reason insurance companies can use to deny any claims you may make following an accident.
  • Stick to the facts: When making a police report regarding your accident, remember again to just stick to the facts, as you know them. Don’t try to explain what you think happened or how you feel about the situation, as this kind of testimony can also easily be used against you by the insurance company.
  • Never assume you aren’t hurt: Even if you feel fine and are able to walk away from your accident, it’s still imperative for you to seek medical attention immediately. This step is essential in both ensuring proper insurance coverage and seeking legal representation should you need to.
  • Don’t immediately call your insurance company: While this may seem like the first thing you should do; it is essential to make a full and accurate report of the accident to the authorities and seek proper medical attention before you call your insurance. This will ensure that the insurance company doesn’t have anything that they can use against you to deny coverage of your claim.

Following all of the previous steps will ensure that you will have the best possible case built for yourself following an accident. The last thing you need after taking care of all of the other factors is finding the proper legal representation.

The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham have the skills and experience necessary to give you the best possible legal representation and financial recovery following your motorcycle accident injury. We’ve represented thousands of injured riders and helped them recover millions of dollars over the years. Our offices can be reached at 800-800-5678 or via online chat at

Article written by: Attorney Michael F. Hupy, President Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

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