Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians


Written by: Attorney Michael F. Hupy Motorcycle accidents are a very unfortunate reality that all riders need to accept and prepare themselves to face. Despite the best efforts of the motorcycle community encouraging other motorists to watch for riders and make the roads safer and accommodating for them, accidents will sadly still happen. Understanding the...
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Not All Motorcycle Insurance Will Protect You, Your Family or Your Bike! Written by: Kenneth Hardison Not all Motorcycle policies are the same. Just having Motorcycle Insurance doesn’t mean you or your family or even your bike are adequately protected. It’s important that you understand YOUR policy and know what it covers and what it...
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Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan Laws Protect Bystanders By Vicki Sanfelipo   Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or who they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated   It was found in the 1970s that people were hesitant to stop and help a person...
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No CPR tattoo
Do Not Resuscitate The term DNR can stand for the Department of Natural Resources, or in the world of medical, it stands for Do Not Resuscitate. Students ask ASM Instructors frequently how to identify someone who has a DNR wish. This article will explain in general terms how a DNR works and when you should...
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age limit in US
Map of Current Helmet Laws by State (2018)  
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