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June 19, 2020
Not All Motorcycle Insurance Will Protect You, Your Family or Your Bike! Written by: Kenneth Hardison Not all Motorcycle policies are the same. Just having Motorcycle Insurance doesn’t mean you or your family or even your bike are adequately protected. It’s important that you understand YOUR policy and know what it covers and what it...
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  One of the new features of our revised website is something we have been considering for years! It is now a reality and we hope that it will give us a way to memorialize those people who have supported our cause to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Over the years we have received...
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    Covid19 affected everyone in the United States in some form or another, changing our routines and life as we knew it. For businesses some were fortunate to be essential and demands upon them may have even increased. Many businesses though, both big and small, were left scrambling to find alternative ways to stay...
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