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Newly Designed Road Guardians Website



Covid19 affected everyone in the United States in some form or another, changing our routines and life as we knew it. For businesses some were fortunate to be essential and demands upon them may have even increased. Many businesses though, both big and small, were left scrambling to find alternative ways to stay afloat and operate day to day business. Companies had to shift employees to work from home positions, provide curbside pickup to stay open or just plain close their doors all together. We at Accident Scene Management found ourselves cancelling or rescheduling all of our spring classes during what is normally our busiest time of the year.

Even though we had to temporarily suspend classes, we wanted to make sure that we made the best of the situation and remain productive. We reflected on what we could do to make things better for people visiting our website for the first time, and also for returning students and our Road Guardian Members who support our mission. Proudly we are now ready to announce that we have a new updated website design! We have been working hard to create a better, user friendly experience for all who come across our site. We removed much of the text that first greeted you and added pictures that help identify what you are looking for. We created FAQ sections and different ways to find what you are looking for. We rearranged some of our menu items to provide consistency throughout the site. We added features such as a new updated legal resource area where you can request a free audit of your insurance, contact us to become a sponsor to provide funding to groups that want to be trained, and a memorial wall to pay a lasting tribute to motorcyclists who are gone but not forgotten.

We have added an additional payment processor to our website as well so there is an option to use either PayPal or Stripe for RG Memberships, online classes or ordering products. We also have added a new donation platform to our website that lets you fully customize your donation experience. It provides features such as the ability to create a custom donation amount, choose a quick pre-set amount, or even set recurring donations. You can access your donation history at any time to see how much you have contributed to ASM at a glance and also have the ability to print annual records for tax purposes. Since we are a 501c3 Non-Profit all donations are tax deductible.

We are striving to provide the best experience possible for you. Please check out our new site! Feel free to contact us with any feedback you may have about the new website, and feel free to offer any suggestions you may have about how we can better serve you within our collective mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists.


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