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Motorcyclist’s Memorial Wall


One of the new features of our revised website is something we have been considering for years! It is now a reality and we hope that it will give us a way to memorialize those people who have supported our cause to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Over the years we have received donations from families who wish to honor their loved ones. We have sent a card to the family on behalf of a benefactor and we have listed a person’s name on our website as a donor but we didn’t have a meaningful way to honor the person who was gone. Part of our website revision was creating a memorial wall so we can post a picture of the person who has departed and a short description of them. This was done in a collage type of format and a flip box so a person can see a picture and then put their mouse over the picture, or click on it via mobile, to have it flip and say something about the person. We will also send a card to the loved one’s family to let them know about the donation made in honor of their departed and how they can view the memorial wall.


Recently, we received a donation to honor a young 21-year-old man from Stone City, SD who lost his life in a motorcycle crash on May 16, 2020. He worked for Larry’s refrigeration and heating company and was the great grand-nephew of the company’s owner. He loved his new motorcycle and was a delight to his family and co-workers. The business owners were looking for a way to honor Alex Hughes and they searched for memorial donations. When they stumbled upon Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians and saw that our mission was to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists, they knew that this would be the best way to honor Alex. They sent the donation not expecting that they would both be honoring him long-term with a post but also have a card sent to his family by Road Guardians.


We have also been notified recently of the loss of three of our instructors this spring due to medical issues and we wanted a way to be able to thank them for their service to motorcyclists and ASM. We invite you to take a look at the page and let us know what you think!  Click HERE to visit our Memorial Wall.


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