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ASM Online Training “Changed my way of thinking”

We at ASM received the following email from a student after taking the Online Basic Course

“I finished the online class, which was awesome! I’m back into motorcycling after a 25 year layoff and I seem to come across accidents on the regular where I am (Northern CA). I feel way more prepared now and will continue my education. Like you say, I hope to never use any of the skills I’m learning, but I’m sure glad I’m learning them.

Btw, the thing that really spurred me to ASM and educating myself a bit was a horrific YT video I saw recently. It was a brutal motorcycle-motorcycle accident about a month ago between two guys who are young and have tons of insane racing videos on public roads (and sadly, tons of followers). They were in the boonies in So. Cal. (no cell reception), one had stopped and was making a u-turn and the other came around the corner at a high rate of speed and plowed in to him. The u-turner just had a badly broken leg, the other guy appears to have hit a pole, had major head trauma and is still in a coma and it looks bad. When their friends showed up at the scene seconds later, you could hear them pacing around saying “what do we do?” in full panic mode and with absolutely zero idea what to do. Thankfully, one guy was ex-military and had some basic training and did the right things.

The video I saw was from an EMT who goes by DanDantheFireman (big moto following on YT). Cool guy, very responsible and trained. He broke down the accident scene minute by minute and the care that was rendered (and wasn’t) in a very objective way. He praised the military guy for what he did and made the same plea as you guys do for everyone watching to at least get some basic training (and he linked to ASM, which is how I found you). Anyhow, I swore I’d educate myself so I could at least be like the military guy!

Frankly, I think every motorcyclist should watch DanDan’s video of the MaxWrist crash. If that  doesn’t make you want to get some training, I don’t know what will!  (Link to DanDan’s Youtube channel below)

P.S. Although I’m in my early 50’s, I ride a Ducati sport bike and am back to the track where I ride fast. However, another byproduct of watching DanDan’s videos was that I committed to keeping my riding on the road within very safe parameters. You can’t see something like that and do ASM training and ever think the same way again. It’s all so good!

Thanks again for the great course!”

David Avila

More about David: David practices law in juvenile criminal defense. Everything from petty theft to murder. He has been practicing criminal law for 25 years. He used to represent adults, but said “it felt so end of the pipe to me. I love advocating for kids because I get to be a lawyer and a counselor, and sometimes I can help turn a life around”.

For more information or to sign up for the Online Basic Course click HERE

DanDan the Fireman is a Lead Instructor with ASM located in Arizona.  DanDan is an avid promoter of motorcycle safety and regularly posts great content on his YouTube channel. Get $5 off your first ASM Online course with DanDan’s affiliate coupon code that can be found by checking out his channel HERE.



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