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This is Doris Weber.  This week I had the privilege of talking to a woman who owns a blue motorcycle, that within one year’s time saved and took her son’s life.  Let me explain.

Dalton was a young man who suffered from depression for most of his life.  The last ten years were especially grueling for him and his family.  His mother, Sherri, told me that he had become withdrawn and was abusing alcohol. He didn’t want to come around family anymore and he didn’t have that light or sparkle in his eyes.  One day his parents showed him a blue motorcycle in the garage.  They told him if he took the motorcycle safety course and got endorsed he could come and ride the bike, as long as he was sober.

Dalton took them up on the offer and started riding that motorcycle more and more.  The more he rode, the more his light came back. He started to go to church every Sunday with his family and then out for rides after.  Dalton even got a new job so he could stay away from poor influences that he was previously working with, and focus on the positive things in his life.  Riding was bringing Dalton back to life.

On December 2nd, Dalton had been riding all day. To finish the day he was on his way to have dinner with his family.  A woman was on her way to work when she made a left turn, striking Dalton.  She claimed she didn’t see him.  A security officer from the plant where the woman worked witnessed the crash and ran to the scene. Two nurses also were nearby and stopped to help.  They all started working on Dalton and doing everything they could to help until the paramedics arrived.    

Dalton made it to the hospital where his parents were able to see him.  His mom told me she was surprised to see that his body didn’t have a scratch on it because he was wearing all the safety gear.  He did everything right, he took the class, wore the gear, and followed the laws of the road, but unfortunately nothing could save him from the extensive internal injuries.  Dalton ultimately passed away on December 3, 2021.

However Dalton’s story doesn’t end there, you see his mom is making sure that Dalton doesn’t just have a story, but together they have a legacy.  Sherri and Eric (Dalton’s father) advocate for motorcycle safety in every possible way they can.  Along with Sons of the Savior Redeemed MC in upstate SC, they took an Accident Scene Management class that was taught by Gerald Sloan.  In the class they learned how to take care of the injured and secure a scene until professional help arrives. This gave them comfort, knowing that everything had been done properly to give Dalton the best chance for survival.     

They take Dalton’s bike, along with “Look Twice Save a Life” signs, to popular biker intersections. They buy kids birthday cakes and include cards with awareness messages. They host an annual awareness ride and even had a scholarship fund.  If they are able to help, they do it. Sherri has just started a grief support group for moms who have lost children, as so many have reached out to her for support.  Many of the moms in the group have lost their children due to motorcycle crashes.  Shortly after Dalton passed away Sherri was going through some of his old papers from grade school, where she found a book he made in second grade that was titled “I Like..”.  In this book she found a page that said I like motorcycles and had a hand drawn picture of a little blue motorcycle. This convinced her that Dalton was meant to be on that motorcycle, it was his destiny.  She was happy it brought him so much joy.

This legacy is growing every day. Although it cost Dalton’s life, there are lessons being taught to avoid future accidents. It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience to meet with Sherri and learn her story. She and her husband have worked to help and teach others in the best and most successful way they are able to. It is truly inspiring how they have taken their tragedy and made it into a message of hope. 

If you would like to follow their journey you can find it here.

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