Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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Instructor Led Classes

Motorcycle First Response class for anyone!

Motorcycle Safety Class

Will you be prepared to help another rider in a time of need? After a crash occurs there is a gap in time of 5-30 minutes before an ambulance arrives. Will you know how to help?

Online Classes

Online Learning & Refresher Classes

Online Class

Our online class can be taken as a stand-alone class, as part of a Blended Learning Certification, or as a refresher for those already trained.


Host a Class

Download requirements to host a class

Host a Class

ASM offers Accredited Bystander Assistance programs for general public & EMS/LE CEU Programs focused on the specifics of Motorcycle Trauma

CPR-1stAid training and supplies


Did you know that CPR can be learned in as little as two hours?  Most of our classes are taught privately for groups or businesses.  Click to find out more.


Sponsorships and Scholarships

Classes, Instructors, and Students

Sponsorships and Scholarships


The cost of ASM classes was determined by assessing other similar classes. Our classes represent the low end of similar First Response classes and ASM classes include all class materials. In order to provide incentives to students, many groups underwrite or reimburse a portion of the class. Some seek sponsorships from local businesses. ASM has a partnership with a group of attorneys, the National Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers (NAMIL). A group can request that we check for a sponsoring attorney in their area if they have a group of at least 20. CLICK HERE to request a class.


ASM instructor candidates can apply for a scholarship if they are in an area of the USA that is not currently served by another instructor. CLICK HERE to contact ASM.


A student who is unable to afford ASM training can apply for a scholarship to cover 75% of their tuition. CLICK HERE to complete an application. CLICK HERE to make a donation to our scholarship fund.