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Online Basic Course (200 series)


Online Basic Course

This online course is another version of the traditional 100 series instructor-led full-day course.  It is intended to be followed up with a hands-on course for certification, however, this is not a requirement for taking this online course.

What is taught in the Online Basic Course?

You will learn all of the important information about how to respond at the scene of a crash, such as: moving the injured, helmet removal, stopping the bleed, and much more! The course takes two-three hours to complete.  Once purchased you will have 30 days to complete the course.  It is completely self-paced and can be started and stopped as many times as you would like during that 30 days. It can be taken on any smart device (including smartphones) and you will receive a printable certificate when completed. This Online Basic Course can be taken alone but does not include ASM certification.

What is Certification?

Only certified students receive an Accident Scene Management patch and an official printed Certificate of Completion (with 6 ANCC Continuing Education Credits). In order to be certified, you will need to complete both this online class and follow up with a hands-on class taught by an ASM Certified Lead Instructor. The online class is best taken close to your hands-on class, however, you are allowed 6 months between completing this online course and taking your hands on. Students are expected to download the free PDF book through a link that is sent via email when registering for this online course. The book will give you an opportunity to do a quick review prior to your hands-on class.

Learning Options

Stand Alone course:

The online class can be taken as a stand-alone class (you will learn all of the important information regarding how to respond such as moving the injured, helmet removal, and stopping the bleed). It will include a printable certificate of completion but does not include official ASM certification.

Blended/Hybrid or Virtual Learning Certification:

To achieve ASM certification, a student will complete the Online Basic Course and then will follow up with a 200 series hands-on course.  During the 200 series course, hands-on skills that are shown in Online Basic Course will be reviewed, demonstrated, and practiced with an Instructor. Hands-on skills include helmet removal, assessing injuries, moving the injured, stopping the bleed, and more. There are 2 options for students to take the hands-on course:

  • Blended or Hybrid Learning.  With this option, you will spend 3.5-4 hours in person with an Instructor and other students.
  • Virtual Learning.  With this option, students will attend class via a 3.5-4 hour zoom meeting with an Instructor and other students online.

ASM Certification provides continuing education credits, an official Certificate of Completion to frame, and a patch to proudly display your accomplishment and recognize other trainees.

Steps to complete for ASM Certification

Step One: Sign up for the Online Basic Course below. You will receive an email with a link to download your PDF book and instructions on how to access your online course right away. Upon completion, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion.  Students continuing on for hands-on learning will need to either print or download the certificate to show verification to the Instructor teaching the hands-on course.

Step Two: Sign up for your 200 series hands-on course now to complete your certification. To search our class schedule CLICK HERE

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