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Yearly Road Guardians Patches


Road Guardians members get an RG Logo patch as part of their initial membership package. We have been sending out yearly patches and pins to commemorate the number of years you have been a member. While pins are easy to take off and replace on an annual basis, patches have not been so convenient.

A few years back we were faced with a dilemma: increase the cost of membership due to increases in shipping and the cost of pins OR switch to patches. Our decision was to switch to patches to keep our membership at only $20/year. The problem is, who wants to sew on a new patch on every year?  A solution has been found. We have invested in a new patch system. You can still keep on sewing patches every year to create a string of patches, or you can use our new rockers that will have a base patch with velcro.

New members will receive the base patch when their 2-year rocker is sent, and those who are already 2 years or higher will receive their base rockers this year with their annual patch. This new system is very simple; just sew the base patch on your vest or jacket and then Velcro the new yearly rocker onto the base patch!

More base patches are available in the Road Guardian store for $2.00.  Additional yearly patches will also be available on the website and they are $3.00. There is a $3.00 handling fee regardless of how many extra rockers and base patches you purchase.  Questions? CONTACT US. Not a member but want to join our mission? CLICK HERE

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