Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians
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100 Series: Instructor Led Basic

100 Series “Basic” Instructor-Led Class

“A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist”

This CAPCE-accredited course is our most popular class. Learn what to do in the first 5-30 minutes after a crash until professional help arrives. Fully Instructor-Led (IL) by a certified ASM instructor, this 7-hour class (8 hours with lunch) teaches helmet removal, jaw thrust rescue breathing, moving the injured, controlling bleeding, and more. All skills are taught and  & practiced.

Typical fees range from $100 – $150  based upon location and # of students

Upon completion of this online course, the student will be able to:

  1. Use P.A.C.T. to determine priorities while approaching a crash scene
  2. Explain the importance of having both knowledge and supplies to assist at a scene
  3. Give examples of how Good Samaritan Laws work and what constitutes “Gross Negligence”
  4. Explain personal protection and cross-contamination
  5. Give 3 examples of traffic control techniques
  6. Verbalize how to get an injured person out from underneath a motorcycle
  7. Explain how and when to move an injured person
  8. Use assessment skills to gather information critical to determining the severity of the injuries and gather information for the EMS
  9. Explain the importance of the mechanisms of injury as it relates to injuries
  10. Verbalize what information is important to relay to the EMS
  11. Demonstrate how to do a rapid head-to-toe assessment using ABCSS of trauma to determine the priorities of treatment
  12. Explain how to perform Jaw Thrust rescue breathing to open an airway in trauma
  13. Explain how to determine if a person is breathing and how to rescue breath for them if it is determined that they are not breathing on their own.
  14. Verbalize 4 ways to control bleeding
  15. Verbalize 3 kinds of shock & which one you have the most control over at a crash scene
  16. Explain why less movement of the spine is better.

Basic Class Curriculum

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