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Accident Scene Management and Road Guardians, What’s the Difference?

When you read one of our Road Guardians newsletters, do you ever wonder what the difference is between Road Guardians and Accident Scene Management? If so, you’re not the only one, so let us clear up any confusion and explain the difference.

Motorcycle training with Vicki

Accident Scene Management

Accident Scene Management was founded in 1996 by Vicki Roberts-Sanfelipo. Vicki was a Registered Nurse in central Wisconsin who worked at the local hospital and was a single mother to three daughters. She was invited to attend a class being hosted by ABATE of Wisconsin at the Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety taught by Dick “Slider” Gilmore. The class was called “Two Wheel Trauma”.  This class inspired her to teach a small group of her friends. It didn’t take long before other riders heard about it and asked if she would teach them too! Vicki contacted Slider to ask if she could use the information she learned in his class to create her own program. He said something she would never forget, “The more people we train, the better off we will all be!” Thus, Accident Scene Management was formed in December of 1996 with the help of Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo. She recruited several of her co-workers to help teach that first year: Bobbi Comfort, RN, Sharon Donna, RN, and Dave Linke, EMT

Accident Scene Management had humble beginnings in an office in the basement of Vicki’s home in Wausau. One of the students from our first year of teaching helped ASM receive their 501c3 non-profit status in 1998. Courses were accredited by the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) in 2006. Since then, the ASM has become an accredited organization through CAPCE, the Commission on Accreditation of Pre-Hospital Continuing Education. Vicki moved to the Milwaukee area in 2000 and opened a physical location for the business in Waukesha, but she was still financially limited and continued to work at the local hospital. She quickly learned that while Accident Scene Management was providing a much-needed service, it was also so niche that it made it hard to qualify for grants that most non-profits easily obtained. Discussing this with a close friend, Chris Hawver,  they came up with an idea to start a program that could help support Accident Scene Management in its mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists and give us a platform to stay in touch with our students. Can you guess what that program was named?

River Road Fundraiser

Road Guardians

Road Guardians was launched in 2010 by Vicki Sanfelipo and Chris Hawver to expand and support Accident Scene Management’s mission. It was formed as a nationally branded program amongst motorcyclists that consists of a community of safety-minded riders across the world. The RG program encourages motorcyclists to be “lifelong learners” by providing resources, ways to improve riding skills, links to safety education and services, legal resources, local and national events, and supporting safety-minded biker-owned businesses. This is accomplished through Road Guardians memberships.

For only $25/year, Road Guardian members receive exclusive member benefits, such as discounts on ASM classes and trauma supplies, plus free access to the Benefits Hub where they receive discounts to hundreds of retailers nationwide. RG members are also given access to a Road Guardians members-only Facebook group where they connect with other members near and far, participate in give-aways, and receive special recognition for those who are certified in a rider safety course, CPR, and ASM’s Basic and Advanced training.

We have a membership coordinator who works to give value to our RG members. New members also receive a welcome packet with an RG patch when they first sign up. We would love to have you as a member! If you would like to join or learn more click HERE.







Since the launch of the Road Guardian Program, and with membership support, ASM has grown to become the largest motorcycle trauma training organization in the world. It is the only accredited bystander assistance training in the US, and to date, ASM now has over 100 Certified Instructors across the USA, instructors in three other countries, and has trained over 40,000 motorcyclists! In 2020 Vicki was inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame for her life’s work in reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. 2024 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for ASM, and we would like to thank our Road Guardian members for believing in our mission. Without them this may have never been possible.

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