Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Al Lankford – ASM Lead Instructor

Al LankfordI am an avid motorcycle enthusiast for over forty years riding everything from custom choppers to hi-tech touring bikes. The last 15 years have been focused on two cycling interests: long-distance touring and classic bike restorations. My other passion is ocean sailing and I have been the Safety at Sea Instructor for the Navy Sea Cadets. My emergency medical training includes national certification and Wisconsin licensing as an Emergency Medical Technician, which I practice as a First Responder for the Village of Hobart, as an employee with County Rescue Services, and as a Teaching Assistant for the EMS Programs of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. My Emergency Medical Services experience proves how critical the first few minutes of treatment can be to an injured person. The Road Guardian program enforces how critical Scene Management and other aspects of responding to an accident are to the motorcyclist. I am enthusiastic about being able to share this knowledge and training with my fellow bikers via the Accident Scene Management training programs.

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