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ASM student uses information one week after training!

Colleen at Fort Bliss


ColleenatFort Bliss

ASM instructor Colleen Vetere and her husband “Tyke” from Colorado have been teaching ASM courses for over 10 years. They started out in Charlotte, NC and have taught wherever their travels take them. Our instructors teach because they want to make a difference. It is messages like this that spur them on to want to continue supporting the motorcycling community. Injuries are not always severe but being able to manage the scene as well as help a potentially injured person is supportive for everyone involved. Colleen submitted this message from one of her students after teaching a class just one week ago:

“Colleen, I wanted to drop you a note. The last two days have been some of the best layperson training I have ever taken part in. I thoroughly enjoyed it and relearned things I had completely forgotten. Thanks for the time and for bringing back this and new knowledge for my use. I look forward to talking with you about future endeavors. Thanks again, it was a very enjoyable time.

My husband left for Minnesota this morning, so I am finally able to sit down to write and say thank you for a great class on Saturday. You did an excellent job teaching, and I am just sorry that I wasn’t able to attend Sunday’s advanced class. I also wish that more of our motorcycle group members had availed themselves of the opportunity for self improvement since it might be me who needs their help some day. I always try to ride with Sara and Sean because they are good friends and good riders, but also because they have taken both ASM classes!

After I left class on Saturday and before I even arrived home, I was able to use a mini version of the skills I had just learned when I helped a young bicyclist who had just had an accident. Fortunately he was only rattled and not hurt badly, but I still went through the “PA” part of “PACT”. So Trevor and I both thank you!


I look forward to eventually taking the advanced course. Please let me know when it is offered again in the Denver area”.

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RN, Executive Director Accident Scene Management Author of "A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist" Co-Founder Road Guardians (with Chris Hawver) Co-Founder Diamond Posse (with Diva Amy Skaling) Co Founder Women In Motion (with Penny Berg) Wife of Tony Pan Sanfelipo, Daughter of Glen Roberts, Mother of 3 daughters and Grandmother of 6 granchildren!

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