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New Free PACT Cards


We now have our PACT cards available to print for free on our website! What is this? PACT and the ABCSS of trauma are acronyms for how to prioritize treatment. This is taught in our classes and students receive a PACT card along with their training. When an emergency does happen, it can sometimes be difficult to remember where to start, or in what order actions should be taken.

PACT is the acronym for how to prioritize a response to a crash scene:

Prevent Further Injury

Assess the Situation

Contact EMS

Treat the Injured

ABCSS is the order of how to Treat the injured:



Circulation (Bleeding)


Spinal Stabilization

Carrying a PACT card can be a great tool, especially when dealing with the sometimes-chaotic environment of an emergency. Not only does it give you the order of how to handle such an emergency, it also has an area that guides a bystander with questions to ask the injured and a place to write that information. When EMS arrives, they often don’t have time to have a conversation. This card can easily be handed over to them so they have pertinent information that you collected, as well as your contact info in case they need any follow up information.

While our PACT cards are available to download and print for free, we also have pre-printed cards available for purchase for only 75 cents each. These are printed on both sides on a thick card stock and easily fold to fit into a wallet or jacket pocket.

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