Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Certified Road Guardian



Our highest level of Road Guardian is the Certified Road Guardian. Certified Road Guardians have gone that extra mile by meeting the following certification requirements: Please be aware documentation is required to be certified. Do not apply until you have all of your documentation together. Price includes shipping.

  1. ASM Basic and Advanced classes completed or a Refresher Class in the past two years (we verify)
  2. Any Rider Education Class completion (you provide documentation) There is no expiration. If you can’t find your card, a letter from the training facility is acceptable.
  3. CPR certification (you provide a current certification card). The certification must have a hands on component such as required in AHA, ARC, ASHI & Medic. If you have another program that you wonder about please inquire first.

Certified members are recognized with a rocker patch designation and upgraded membership card.

RG membership advances a RG member to one who is recognized as having completed recommended training. This status will be recognized as long as a person is an RG member.