Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians

Certified Road Guardian



Our highest level of Road Guardian is the Certified Road Guardian. Certified Road Guardians have gone that extra mile by meeting the following certification requirements: Please be aware documentation is required to be certified.

  1. ASM Basic and Advanced classes completed or a Refresher Class in the past two years (we verify)
  2. Any Rider Education Class completion (you provide documentation) There is no expiration. If you can’t find your card, a letter from the training facility is acceptable.
  3. CPR certification (you provide a current certification card). The certification must have a hands on component such as required in AHA, ARC, ASHI & Medic. If you have another program that you wonder about please inquire first.

Certified members are recognized with a rocker patch designation and upgraded membership card.

RG membership advances a RG member to one who is recognized as having completed recommended training. This status will be recognized as long as a person is an RG member.