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Revving up for a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip Abroad

Revving up for Adventure:

Essentials for a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip Abroad

Written by: Polly Marinova; Owner of Motocamp Bulgaria

Part 1 of 2

Have you ever dreamed of going on an adventure on your motorcycle? How about riding all around our beautiful country?! What would it be like to ride to a foreign country… or many countries one after another? Doesn’t it sound fascinating?! Well, it is! I can tell you that from personal experience. What does it take to do it? How do you prepare for a long-distance motorcycle trip abroad

Here is MY list of what to prepare. Of course, this list can be improved or changed for personal needs. However, if I manage to inspire you to take the first step of even dreaming about it, I’ve achieved my goal. 

First, I would suggest “packing” TIME.  

If you are planning to ride for vacation, I would not recommend a tight schedule. Imagine you are in Italy on the Amalfi coast, zipping through sharp twisties with stunning views over the Tyrrhenian Sea … you can’t be in a hurry to crush the miles. You have to stop at a small family restaurant and enjoy the tasty local seafood, maybe a glass of wine, watch the locals rushing around with their everyday life, and explore the local culture. Riding in the US is not the same as in Europe. For example, you cannot expect to cover 600 miles every day; 200 miles is plenty and gives you time to explore and enjoy your surroundings. 

ACCEPTANCE – Pack acceptance to the different life standards, different cultures, different looks, different religions, and languages. Go curious and open to learning and seeing the things that the news does not show you. That’s right, although I like to be informed and watch the news daily, I can guarantee that they often do not show the real situation “over there.”


PASSPORT – Having an international passport with at least 6 months of validation is a must! 

MONEY – Credit and Debit cards – the good old plastics work almost everywhere, but I always take cash – our dollar is a popular currency! I have a money belt with an internal zipper. I usually have small bills in my wallet and keep the rest in my belt. Depending on the country you are visiting, your life standard, and your riding style of course, you will need different amounts of money. Research to check some of the prices ahead of time for things like food, hotels, fuel, etc., but I would recommend bringing $80-$100 for each day, and if this is too much, you can always take it back home. I highly recommend exchanging money only in banks. Not at the airport or on the street, and always check the currency rate for the day. 

KNOWLEDGE – Learn about the countries you are planning to visit. Google has it all: political situations, road requirements, vehicle insurance, driving license (as a foreigner, you may be required an international driving license), the speed limit for motorcycles (for example, in Turkey is 80 km/h, much less than the cars), weather (don’t make the mistake to go in a rainy season or, go to Australia during our summer time as there it is winter), borders and few simple phrases of the local language – hello, goodbye, thank you. I can guarantee you that you will gain the locals respect fast, even if your pronunciation is a bit off.    

VISAS – Unfortunately we live in a difficult world, and our politicians like to play games with each other, resulting in normal people getting limits to simple things like traveling across borders. Having an American passport still makes us lucky enough to have access to most countries in the world without requiring a special entry permit. However, please carefully check what is required to enter the countries you plan to visit. There is plenty of information on visas for U.S. citizens traveling abroad | USAGov. Some Visas take time to be issued, and some can be done via a travel agency.  CARNET DE PASSAGE – If you are planning to travel with your own motorcycle, you have to check if you need this additional document, which serves as a guarantee that you are not going to sell/leave your motorcycle in the country you are going to. Very few countries require it, and the deposit to obtain it is pricey. 

PERSONAL HEALTH AND RISK TRAVEL INSURANCE – This one is a must! It gives you peace of mind in case of an emergency. I recommend It is not the cheapest, but a decent company to use. There are so many companies out there, do your own research. 

…. to be continued. Stay tuned for part 2 next month!

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