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Just as other motorcycle-related publications are folding up, along comes an online news magazine that promises to charm the leathers off its discerning, insightful readers.

Held by a creative crew of seasoned industry veterans, Scooter Scribes is a delightful read populated by current news, artful imagery, and reports on everything motorcycle-related. The Scribe Tribe consists of award-winning journalist Terry Roorda, wise and witty biker scribbler, Robert Filla and that girl who’s liable to pop up anywhere bikes gather, Felicia Morgan. Graphic artist guru, Bailey Queue, makes everything look professional and office wizard, Cristy Pazera, is the one who does all the grown up stuff that keeps the whole machine well oiled and cranking out content. Classy and cool, Scooter Scribes is refreshingly distinct. The grassroots entertainment venture is aimed at keeping the cultured rider abreast of current motorcycle trends and turns, so be sure to add this edgy and edifying magazine to your daily reading list.

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We at ASM were fortunate to have Felicia Morgan on last year’s Road Guardians River Run. She was both surprised and delighted to have been able to experience such a worthy & fun event located in one of the most beautiful areas of Wisconsin & Iowa where the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers Collide. Click HERE to read Felicia’s article about last year’s Road Guardians River Run including many pictures or click HERE to read Felicia’s review of Accident Scene Management and why saving just one life can save three!