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Steve Marshall, EMT – ASM Lead Instructor

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall fell in love with motorcycles at the age of 13 but didn’t start actively riding until 2007, when he passed his MSF test in a driving rainstorm with his eldest daughter, Caitlin. His love of safety began in high school with a first aid class, and he began teaching for American Red Cross in 1970 when he was a student at Northwestern University. An EMT Basic since 1983, he is a former volunteer fire chief in Arlington, VA, and he is a longtime ski patroller at Liberty Mountain, PA. He’s currently certified as an instructor with the American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute, is a former assistant director and safety officer for the Manassas (VA) H.O.G. In Florida, he’ll be riding with the Rockstar H.O.G. in Fort Myers. Steve volunteered for 20 summers as an EMT for the National Park Service at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, VA. Steve, who lives in Naples, FL, has wanted to teach Accident Scene Management ever since he heard Vicki’s presentation years ago at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in Washington, D.C.

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