Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians



Testimonial – July 12, 2014 – Stratford

crash3I attended the ASM Basic 100 series class held in Stratford, WI this past May. Who knew that less than 2 months later I would need to use my knowledge and skills! Yesterday Jay was in an accident (he also attended the class). Jay hit a truck in the driver’s door doing about 55 mph. P- The scene was safe, A- Jay was talking and there was no bleeding. He was complaining about pain in his chest. C- A passenger of the truck called 911 and said help was on the way, we were about 15 miles from a hospital in Medford. T- I determined that it was best to leave his helmet on and not move him. Jay did leave hospital after being treated last night for a cracked sternum. Thank you for the training, which helped me determine the most appropriate care for my friend when he needed my help!

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