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When a loved one crashes right in front of you

Motorcycle Crash

By Cindy Gagliano

Dave Crash PictureBecause I work for Accident Scene Management and have taken the training, I realize how  important the classes are but one cannot truly appreciate the value of that information until they are faced with an accident that happens right before their eyes! I could not have anticipated that this would happen to me. On 9/11/16 while I was riding with my fiancée, Dave Heisler, a car passed us on our right as we were trying to make a right turn. Just a few feet in front of me I saw the person I love go flying threw the air. As the car hit him, he went one direction with his bike going in the opposite direction. The first thoughts in my mind were, “Stay calm and remember what you learned in Accident Scene Management. Remember PACT!!!! Prevent further Injury, Assess the Situation, Contact the EMS, then Treat the Injuries”. I actually remember thinking in detail, “Stop the bike, now put the kickstand down, and above all remain calm”.

The first thing Dave tried to do was to get up. Because he was not in danger of being run over, I immediately told him to get back down and don’t move! I grabbed my phone, went to his side and called 911. I was able to describe exactly what happened and was able to tell the operator what I thought his injuries might be. He never lost unconsciousness (thank God) and was mostly complaining of leg pain. Almost immediately, an unknown man stopped and started to direct traffic. I could tell he knew what he was doing, so I left him alone but admit to being grateful that he was keeping us safe! Another women came over and gave us a blanket. The teenagers that were driving in the opposite direction and saw everything turned around and came back. I asked if they could stay and give a statement to the police which they agreed to. Another person went to check on the women in the car who hit Dave. We were fortunate that she had stayed at the scene and was cooperative! I still have questions on if I could have done anything different, but I think everything turned out the best that it possibly could under the circumstances. We lucked out and had the help of other good Samaritans, some who I had given directions to and others seemed to know what to do.

I am so grateful that I was prepared. Will you know what to do if this happens to you???? To find currently scheduled classes or schedule a class with an instructor, Click HERE for more information or to sign up!

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