Accident Scene Management / Road Guardians


November 23, 2021
Free Instructor Training offered to increase class availability Many of you are aware that we gave away a very special motorcycle called the New Glory Flag Bike in a sweepstakes drawing. The event ended at “The Motorcycle Chase” in July in Cape Girardeau, MO, and was covered live on Cycle Source’s popular YouTube show. The...
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Motorcycling in the Philippines According to South China Morning Post, in the Philippines, motorcycles are more popular than cars, outselling them by more than four to one. They first became popular there in the 1990s and now, there are 18 million two-wheelers on Philippine roads. Couple that with a lacking EMS system, getting hurt in...
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ASM Would Like to Give Thanks Motorcyclists’ lives have been saved, and injuries have been lessened, due to the training and care provided by students of Accident Scene Management. I personally assisted at many crashes this year. Too many! The one thing I can tell you is that securing the scene, having supplies to help...
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