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We Are Thankful

ASM Would Like to Give Thanks

Motorcyclists’ lives have been saved, and injuries have been lessened, due to the training and care provided by students of Accident Scene Management. I personally assisted at many crashes this year. Too many! The one thing I can tell you is that securing the scene, having supplies to help a person, and then knowing what to focus on made a difference. In one case, two motorcycles hit each other on the interstate at highway speed. There were four people down and three were critically injured. It took a number of trained people and many supplies to handle that situation. As I was caring for one person, I noticed what I thought was my trauma pack next to another patient and thought that my pack had been moved. I was delighted to find that it was another one of my students who was on the scene caring for the rider. The best part is that all of the injured riders are now home. We know that our training works and we are focused on getting as many people trained as possible!

We wanted to tell you during this holiday season just how thankful we are for all of the people who have helped us achieve our goals! Whether you have contributed by becoming a member of Road Guardians, taking a class, becoming an instructor, or making a donation, each contribution has helped. We want to work with you and your group to make sure they are trained as well. There are a number of things that we are doing to try to make that happen and one of them is working with sponsors. We are grateful to the many sponsors such as NAMIL and Biker Down who have put classes on this year. Read on to find out how you can help our organization and find out how we have been giving back to our community.

To make training even more available we are implementing a new program. Someone who cannot afford to get trained but wants to take a class can now apply for a scholarship. To donate to ASM so that we can provide more training, CLICK HERE.

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