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Author: Vicki Sanfelipo, RN – Executive Director ASM


MONEY. I always tell my new instructors that though our cause is noble and there are millions of motorcyclists who need to be trained in First Response, our ask is a difficult one. We ask for both TIME and MONEY. I wish that we could do classes for free, and that it would only take two hours to properly train a motorcyclist in First Response, but the reality is that in order to fully prepare someone it requires time, equipment, training and often even travel. Many times the instructor brings an extra person with them to classes to give a helping hand. Our dilemma is that motorcyclists hesitate to commit to giving up both TIME & MONEY even though they know it is an important topic.

Fortunately, we have had a number of attorney sponsors who have been stepping up to host classes this year. One group, National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, has pledged to host 100 classes this year! NAMIL hosted classes cost between $25/$35 per student and include lunch. So far classes have been hosted in: Pelham, AL, Pensacola, FL, Boston, MA area, Boise, ID, Denver, CO, St Charles, IL, Lexington, SC & Prescott AZ . There are more classes being added in those areas as well as, MO, OK, & TX!

Here is what one group had to say after recently taking a class taught by Lead Instructor Jose Archila from Boston:

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you Road Guardians, Glassman Law, Jose Archila, Vicki Sanfelipo, & Michelle Pelletier for setting up this amazing class for B.A.C.A., Northern Massachusetts Temp Charter in Malden on the 11th of this month. ”

Glassman Law hosted 3 classes in MA in 2019 and has pledged to host one class per month in 2020. Once training is resumed, do you have a group who needs training? Classes are capped at 20 and groups are asked to find classroom space but we do much of the work and will help you to have a successful event. CONTACT US if you would like training for your group and we will work hard to make that happen. We can’t change the TIME it takes to get properly training but we MIGHT be able to help with the MONEY.


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