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ASM Instructors do more than Teach Motorcyclists

Accident Scene Management instructors are required to “apply” to be an instructor. Once their application is accepted and it is determined that they qualify as either a Level One instructor or a Level Two instructor, (Level Two instructor must have a Level One instructor present for the duration of the class), the training can begin!

In 2014, Allan Cruet from Reno, Nevada heard about Accident Scene Management. He was a Rider Coach for the Nevada Rider, the State Motorcycle Safety program in Nevada. The head of the organization, Pete Vander Aa had learned about the training while at a safety conference held by the MSF. Vicki Sanfelipo, director of ASM attended the summit and pointed out the difference between CPR/1st Aid training and motorcycle trauma training. Pete took it to heart and has since had Allan (and partner Jess) train his rider coaches so that they can effectively handle motorcycle crashes from minor to more serious.

Back to Allan. Allan had all of the enthusiasm and was a great teacher but did not have the medical credential necessary to be a Level One instructor. He teamed up with his friend from his Motorcycle Safety Training, Jesus Leanos who is also an EMT with NVEnergy. The team completed instructor training together and began teaching right away starting with local motorcycle clubs but Allan was not satisfied to be a Level Two instructor so he made a huge commitment to become a Nationally Registered EMT so that he could better connect to the students. Little did he know that this commitment would lead to more effective and confident teaching but also to other service to his community as a volunteer for the Washoe County Health District Medical Reserve Corp. Allan was recently featured in a news story about how he is helping with vaccinations. Teaching might be a little slow right now but Allan isn’t. Click on the link below to see the short news story:


As Allan says about the volunteers of the Medical Reserve Corp, “A lot of retired medical,” says Cruet of those around him. “A lot of people with more medical background than me. Coming in here and volunteering and signing up. Because they have the skills and they want to continue to use them for the benefit of the community”. It’s a mindset, one of being in service to mankind to make the world a better place.

To contact Allan: fill out a form and we will pass your message along to him.

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