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ASM training made Good Samaritans out of Bikers

Good Samaritan helps person who fell

You never know when your Accident Scene Management (ASM) training will come in handy to help someone


Most of us probably think it will be used for motorcycle accidents, but life sometimes has other plans for us. My HOG chapter requires that all Road Captains be trained in ASM. We were asked to assist with escorting a visiting VIP from the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. The VIP was the most recent recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He, his wife and military escorts were here in Milwaukee and were making visits all around town. We were staging vehicles and bikes for a tour of Milwaukee that started at the H-D museum.

As the VIP and entourage went inside the museum, the Road Captains were talking with officers of the Milwaukee police department regarding our planned route and how we would be assisting with traffic control. Suddenly, as I scanned the parking lot, across from where we stood I saw someone face down on the sidewalk. I yelled to the other Road Captains, “We have someone down!” Six of us went to help, with 4 going to the injured person to assess her injuries while the other 2 ran to their bikes for their rescue kits. An elderly woman appeared to have miss stepped and fell face first onto the concrete.

As the others were checking her injuries I asked the museum staff to call security. The woman had facial injuries and a possible fractured wrist. We determined that her injuries were bad enough to call for an ambulance. By this time, her husband and friends had come over to see what happened. The police and security stood by and watched us provide care for this lady till the ambulance arrived. After the ambulance left we then went on to finish escorting our guests around town. We were glad we were there to help out! This is only one example of three times I have used the training this year. My training has helped me confidently help people in a time of need. I will always recommend training to anyone! Thanks to ASM and all of the Instructors for all they do to train students!

Kevin Carpenter, Safety Officer and Road Captain, Milwaukee H.O.G.

Kevin Carpenter

P.S. from Kevin: a big thank you to Vicki for creating and providing this much needed training. It gives people the skills and the confidence to jump in and help. I was asked last night how I deal with the accidents since I have helped at so many. My response was “Uncertainty and fear but I had the confidence to jump in and it has gotten better with each response”. I have had lots of chapter members come up and tell me how comforting it is to have Jim and I in the back of the pack in case anything happens they will be cared for. That’s why my payback to you and ASM is to promote ASM training anywhere I go. Thanks again! Kevin


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