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Motorcycle Accident
Road Guardians support Motorcycle Trauma Training education as a critical element to outcomes should a crash occur. Road Guardians is a nationally branded program that supports Accident Scene Management’s Mission to Reduce Injuries and fatalities to Motorcyclists. Join Our Mission Now and become a Road Guardian Member! What is Accident Scene Management? Accident Scene Management...
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Good Samaritan helps person who fell
  You never know when your Accident Scene Management (ASM) training will come in handy to help someone. Most of us probably think it will most likely be used for motorcycle accidents but life sometimes has other plans for us. My HOG chapter requires that all Road Captains be trained in ASM. We were asked...
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Winterizing Your Motorcycle
  Many riders live in states that experience long months of bitter cold temperatures and snowy conditions: Not ideal for riding a motorcycle. For those of you in the southern states – many of us also hold out hopes of coming to visit you! Motorcycle dealerships and repair shops offer winter storage in the northern...
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ASM Class
  The key to reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists is education (and implementation of education). Road Guardians encourage all motorcyclists to become life long learners and to do all they can to avoid a crash from occurring. We also go one step further than many other safety programs by connecting motorcycle trauma first response...
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Do it yourself Motorcycle Tips
Front End Maintenance Tips Question: How do I know when my front end needs maintenance? I know that my service manual and motorcycle dealer make recommendations but I would like to know how I can tell when I have an issue that requires servicing. To read part one, click HERE Hand controls and Brakes You...
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Jaw Thrust
New Instructor Classes Instructor training classes scheduled in Illinois, California and Wisconsin this fall. Do you know a motorcyclist who is also a Healthcare Professional? EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Respiratory Therapist, Combat Medic, etc? WE NEED you! There are 17 million motorcyclists in the USA and Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians is dedicated to 1st response training...
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  Director’s Report – Accident Scene Management (ASM updates) 2014 – Vicki Sanfelipo It seems like only yesterday that a few friends got together at my kitchen table in Wausau, WI to discuss teaching a class geared toward helping the average motorcyclist learn what to if a motorcycle crash were to occur. Slider Gilmore (with...
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Motorcycle Braking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly This is the second installment of a three part series on Motorcycle Braking. To read the first on Common Braking Errors click HERE. To read the third on How to Practice click HERE. The basics of maximum braking are to apply both brakes fully without locking...
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