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Biker Down Program in the UK


Training Bystanders is A Global Effort

We received a note from a student who had completed our online training and found that we are honored to make his acquaintance! It appears he created a similar program to ASM training one year prior to our class being developed and found the programs to be quite similar. Who knew that medics around the globe who ride would have a similar take on things. ASM is currently serving riders in 4 countries: USA, South Africa, Australia, and the Philippines. If you happen to be in the UK, you can check out Biker Down!

Note reprinted with permission:

I have just completed, having found your site by accident your basic online course which I thoroughly enjoyed. And I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to your organization for being there for bikers.
I own and run a training company in the UK and have just celebrated 25yrs of delivering “Rider Down” Emergency First Aid for Motorcycles 6hrs duration. As a biker myself when I left the Ambulance service and formed my company, “Rider Down” was one of the first courses we developed. Hundreds of riders have now gone through the training.
I sat through your course, to be honest, to just get a couple of hours extra CPD towards my annual requirement but found the course engaging, interesting and was happy that so much of your presentation mirrored our own course in so many respects.
Anyway once again thank you for having the course in place and I would definitely, if I lived in the states, attend the practical element and wear your organizations patch with pride.

Respects to all Guardians across the pond, Ride Safe and Free.
Graeme Moitie
Owner: Medcare Training Services

About the author

RN, Executive Director Accident Scene Management Author of "A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist" Co-Founder Road Guardians (with Chris Hawver) Co-Founder Diamond Posse (with Diva Amy Skaling) Co Founder Women In Motion (with Penny Berg) Wife of Tony Pan Sanfelipo, Daughter of Glen Roberts, Mother of 3 daughters and Grandmother of 6 granchildren!

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