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Anti-Impaired Riding

Anti-Impaired Riding – Impaired riding can take many forms. Typically we think of this as alcohol impairment but are you riding with you full faculties?

Niki Smith is a graphic artist who loves to ride. She always wondered what she would do if things went wrong and she needed to respond to a motorcycle crash so she set out to get all of the information she could. After taking the online ASM course found at, she signed up for...
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People drinking water to prevent heat stroke
Extreme Summer Temperatures are Dangerous for Motorcyclists.   Riders of motorcycles know all too well how hot it gets riding in the summer months. When it’s 85 outside, it feels like 105 on the bike with the engine idling, the sun beating down and the pavement below heating up. In addition, motorcycle riders have more...
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Semi Blind Spots with Motorcycles
Many of us have seen this picture right?  Blind spots are something to take into consideration for all motorcyclists, and not just when it comes to Semi Trucks. Motorcycles and Blind Spots As a motorcyclist you are vulnerable and need to take into consideration your own blind spots as well as that of others. All...
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Man riding motorcycle in course
By Kevin Carpenter It was just a routine summer day. My alarm was blaring, telling me to get up and off to work. I routinely got dressed, walked out to the garage and fired up my Harley for the ride to work. Any time I ride to work it makes the start to my day...
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Motorcycle under Brooklyn Underpass
I’ve heard it all! Pull over safely Never pull over under a bridge Always drive to an exit to get off the highway Angle your vehicle to increase visibility Blah, Blah, Blah. What’s a biker to do? If you experience an emergency and are unable to drive to a “safe” location, what should you do?...
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Never Too Good Video
Road Guardians wants to challenge each and every biker to never be satisfied with your current level of knowledge no matter how much you know! There is always room for improvement to what you currently know. Become a life long learner and challenge yourself to be the best that you can be. Here is a...
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Motorcyclist riding
Your organization is doing a charity ride of some sort and you have to get 100 motorcycles through town without breaking the pack up. You contacted the local law enforcement agency, but they refused to help out. So you decide to have some road guards stop traffic at intersections to keep everyone moving and together....
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