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Rider Education – if you have completed basic training then think about challenging yourself to take advanced training.

motorcycle getting gas
Understanding Ethanol-Related Fuel Problems Part 2 of 2 For Part 1 in this series, click here. When it comes to using ethanol unfortunately we do not have a choice, unless you are lucky enough to live in an area that still has real gasoline available at the pumps.  Total prevention of ethanol problems is almost...
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gas pump fuel
Understanding Ethanol-Related Fuel Problems Written by: Biker Chad   We all have seen the signs and stickers on gas pumps everywhere stating that there is 10% ethanol added to our gasoline.  This Mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol is often referred to as E10 or “gasohol”.   We usually just fill our tanks up and...
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More Sound, More Power, Less Money. Part II By: Biker Chad As we learned in part one of this article you can add a slip on muffler to get better sound without adding fuel.  As long as you stay with a 2” or 1.75” baffle, and keep the stock air filter assembly, you will not...
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Winterizing Your Motorcycle
By Steve Johnson – Road Guardians, Program Director February is already over half over with.  For me, that brings a smile to my face because I see that no matter what happens – winter is coming to an end!  Yes, I know we can have winter storms in March and April.  However, from the...
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Motorcyclist riding
Running Hot Part III Written by: Biker Chad In the last part of this series, we discussed the benefits of using good quality synthetic oil.  Now that you know that synthetic oil will definitely keep your engine, primary, and transmission cooler, while helping them last longer.  We can move on to discuss some other things...
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KMC Road Captains
A Biker Community – what is that? By: Steve Johnson Road Guardians It is here once again – my favorite time of year, well, next to riding season.  I really enjoy the holiday season, which kicks off with family gathering for Thanksgiving – a whole day of enjoying everyone’s company and a great meal.   We...
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