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Motorcyle night riding
Long-term motorcycling is about managing risks and staying safe year after year. While riding at night isn’t always avoidable, being safe at night comes down to one critical thing: visibility. You need to be visible to other motorists and other things in the surrounding areas, and you need to be able to see what else is...
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Kevin Carpenter
CHALLENGE YOURSELF Kevin Carpenter, ASM instructor and Lifetime Road Guardians member.   It’s that time of year that ½ of the USA is puling their bikes out of storage. A few months ago, when the time came for us to put our rides into winter hibernation, we started using our cages for transportation. Instead of...
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Semi Blind Spots with Motorcycles
Many of us have seen this picture right?  Blind spots are something to take into consideration for all motorcyclists, and not just when it comes to Semi Trucks. Motorcycles and Blind Spots As a motorcyclist you are vulnerable and need to take into consideration your own blind spots as well as that of others. All...
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Motorcycle under Brooklyn Underpass
  I’ve heard it all! Pull over safely Never pull over under a bridge Always drive to an exit to get off the highway Angle your vehicle to increase visibility Blah, Blah, Blah. What’s a biker to do? If you experience an emergency and are unable to drive to a “safe” location, what should you...
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In winter of 2011 and of April 2013 I had the opportunity to introduce new ways of looking at motorcycle safety to over 800 people. One of those events was a motorcycle safety day at Eglin Airforce Base in Florida. My husband and I left Wisconsin on our bikes in the snow knowing that if...
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The Low Down on L.E.D. Lights Part III In part one of this series we learned lights are not light bulbs at all, but a light emitting diode that is way more efficient than any light bulb using a mere .016 watts to make light.  We learned LED lights were better for the environment as...
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The Low Down on LED Lights Part II In the part one of this article series we talked about what an LED is and how they are much more efficient than any bulb.  We also discussed a few of the different options available to choose from when selecting the style of colored LED accent lights...
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