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Coming Out (of the Pandemic)

We are very proud to be an organization that has an academic program. Our program is the only motorcycle trauma training organization in the USA that has trained professional instructors. To maintain the quality of our program and the information that we provide, our Lead instructors have to be EMT or higher in medical training and they have to agree to represent us in a particular way. We allow people who do not have that level of training to become instructors, however, a lead instructor must be present at every class. That assures the student that there is someone there who can answer their questions with the proper knowledge base. Our Level Two instructors (who do not have the required EMT or higher background) can eventually become a Lead instructor with time, experience, and a Lead instructor’s recommendation.

We are proud of the people who have stepped up to serve the motorcycling community! We have instructors in 32 states and four countries. We would love to be in all 50 states someday and we are continuing to train instructors in other countries as well. Germany and Canada have applied and we are chatting with Liberia. Our South Africa instructor, David Spangenberg, has been actively teaching lately as the COVID pandemic rules have relaxed. Australia is ready to get back to business as soon as they are able with Lezanne Dekoningmaking plans to teach in the Geelong area not too far from Melbourne. We have added several new instructors recently in the USA. Charles Wells- TX, Penni Fuller-TX, Mark Beluscak-CO, David White-TN. In training are 7 more instructors from WI, IL, TN, SC, and MO. As we come through the pandemic we will do so with a renewed passion and focus on adding more instructors worldwide so we can train both motorcyclists and professional rescuers to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists.

How can you help?

  1. Join our efforts by joining Road Guardians as a member.
  2. Host a class to get those around you trained.
  3. Take a class to be sure you know how to help someone in need.
  4. Become or recommend someone to become an instructor in your area!

There are 18 million motorcyclists in the United States. We have so many more people who need this type of education. All of us can be part of the solution. First, learn how to avoid a crash and then learn how to help if one happens. We have many safety articles to help you and your groups.


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