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Do I need to take a Basic class if I have medical training? 

Question: Do I need to take a Basic class if I have medical training? 
The answer is yes! I like to tell people that our class is like Basic Training. Regardless of a person’s background, no one gets to skip basic training! The word basic was a nickname given to our class by some of our students. Because we have an “Advanced Bystander Assistance” class, they nicknamed our Level One class “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist,” Basic. This leads people to think that the class is elemental, but it is far from that.
As a healthcare professional, you will be considered a leader at a scene, and people will look to you for guidance. If you don’t know what other people know, how can you lead them? It is important for you to understand the concepts of PACT and ABCSS of trauma. Even healthcare providers are rarely given the kind of training we do in helmet removal and jaw thrust rescue breathing. Taking the first class gets everyone on the same page.
The Advanced class, on the other hand, is more geared toward what an EMT already knows. It teaches many EMR skills, such as oral airway insertion, common medical concerns, how to recognize and treat injuries, assisting the EMS with extrication, pressure points to slow bleeding, and detailed head-to-toe assessment. We role-play and learn how to get someone out from underneath a bike. I encourage all riders to take our training regardless of their medical background so that we can all work together for the best outcome.
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