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Hangman’s fracture

So the last thing I remember is….

I have blurs, snapshots, flashes I think. I even hear all the stories. But I just think that I fell asleep and woke up to a nightmare, yet a miracle.

So here is my story. I have been riding a motorcycle since I was a kid and leading local Harley members on rides for years. So while on vacation it was no strange idea that I would lead a ride to my vacation spot. It was a great vacation until…I became that motorcycle accident victim that I teach others how to save.

They tell me I was accelerating to get onto the freeway leading the pack. What my friends behind me remember is the flash. The debris spraying all around us. The horrible sounds. The slow motion of “WTF.” Then the silence. Then the screeching of car tires burning rubber to avoid the mess.

Then the questions-the chaos. “What the F… was that?” “What just happened?” “Where is Jeff” “Where did he go?” “Is that his bike?” “OMG where is he?” No one could find me. I was missing. Little did they know, I was face down on the frontage road, about a football field away, in the dark, all alone. Breathing but unconscious.

They tell me that an SUV took me out. Police later would tell the news that the driver was going at least 100mph crossing all lanes of traffic to exit the freeway. Blew a light and struck a hydrant. He ran from the scene while bystanders ran after him. A year later, a newspaper delivery guy would tell the judge that he cornered the guy who could barely stand upright, until the cops got there.

He got 20years. I had to Skype the trial because I was unable to go. I was healing. I told the judge I was here and living because my student and good friend saved my life. Yep, my student. He SAVED my life.

Chris had taken the ASM Basic class from me just previous to the accident. He took the class along with other Harley rider friends to learn what to do in case a buddy goes down. As an instructor, you never know if what you teach will “stick.” If the information the student takes in will go on to make a difference. And lo and behold, ‘it does.’

Jeff Crotzer teaching ASM Carrollton TX 01-18-14
Jeff Crotzer teaching ASM in Carrollton, TX Jan. 2014

Chris found me in the dark. He saw some type of shimmer from my white shirt. I lay unconscious. He realized I was safe and off the road away from traffic. He had to protect me. I was breathing. So no need to turn me over. He called for help. Others came. He checked for injuries. There was no external bleeding to control. Protect from further injury kept going through his mind. The crowd began to gather. “Turn him over man, he can’t breathe!!” “Turn him over.” Chris kept holding them back. “No!!” Protect from further injury. “No!! You will hurt him more. He probably has a neck injury.” Protect from injury.

So he protected me. Made sure I was breathing, not bleeding to death. He made sure that no one moved me. Made sure EMS got a history and assisted me into the ambulance. Doctors tell me that I had a C2-C3 fracture. A ‘Hangman’s fracture.” Should have died on the scene. Yep. I should be dead. The trauma doc says one small movement of my head/neck would have severed my spinal cord and my breathing would have stopped. I’d have a tombstone.

I had a Hangman’s fracture, my pelvis was completely shattered. My arm was hanging off. No elbow left. My brain was bleeding. I was internally bleeding to death. A doc saved my arm, rebuilt my pelvis and my brain healed. Somewhere along that timeline, Jeff CrotzerI came out of my coma. It took about a year. I still limp. I have scars. I have pain. But I am living. It is all about doing the right things at the right times. If it had not been for Chris taking my course and knowing what to do, I wouldn’t be writing this. ASM saved my life.

It really did.

Jeff Crotzer ASM Instructor Texas


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