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Your Road Guardian Membership helps us get the motorcyclist involved in achieving our goal of no motorcycle fatalities. We do this by providing First Response Education to motorcyclists in the event of an accident. Sign up now to become a Road Guardian and your membership dollars help train you and other motorcyclists. Click here to find out why you should join or the benefits in becoming a Road Guardian Member.

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What is Road Guardians?

The Road Guardian program was created in 2010 to expand and support Accident Scene Management Inc.’s (ASM) mission to reduce injuries and fatalities. ASM is a non-profit organization established in 1996 that has successfully been able to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through First Response Education. Since 1996, over 20,000 students have been trained by 140+ certified instructors in 30 states. Leveraging ASM’s knowledge and experience, Road Guardians program was created as a nationally branded program among motorcyclists that encourages life long learning by providing Resources, Rewards and Recognition to those who are properly trained & properly licensed.

The program encourages motorcyclists to see motorcycle safety as a larger topic, comprised of six educational components:

  1. Rider education
  2. State licensing and laws education
  3. Impaired rider education
  4. Apparel education
  5. Motorist awareness education and
  6. First response education. RoadGuardians.org provides both free and paid member services.

We seek to create a one-stop community for learning ways to improve riding skills, links to safety education and services, legal resources (as recommended by Bikers), biker owned businesses, local and national events and news. Join Road Guardians today to become part of our community!

Road Guardian Membership helps us achieve our goal of reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Join our efforts today!

28 Responses
  1. Chris Menigoz

    Where can I look for exclusive area of members? I still cannot figure out where the members area is on the website for RG? Please advise?

    thanks Chris

    Also, do we get discount on the classes so we can take them? Please advise?


    1. Vicki Sanfelipo

      Hi Chris!

      Once you sign on to the website you will find the member area here: http://roadguardians.org/forums/forum/rgmembers/. It can easily be found by choosing the Road Guardian Member Area from the drop down menu on the Connect tab.
      Re: Discounts – Every instructor is independent. Most offer discounts but not all. To find out if a RG member discount is offered find the class and read the description. If a RG discount is offered it will say so in the description. You will enter the code found in the RG area to get your $5.00 discount.
      Let me know need nay further assistance!

  2. John Burgess

    I was an early member of Road Guardians and qualified as a “Certified / Charter Member. I have completed my member renewal form but left the page to check the online training. Now I am unable to return to the renewal page and I can’t remember if I hit submit. I also want to take the “Advanced” course on line, but there does not seem to be any option for payment other than pay-pal which I do not use.
    Please advise. Thank you.
    John Burgess

    1. Biker Chad

      Hi John! Sorry you’re having troubles with renewal. Does this link work? http://roadguardians.org/member-renewal/

      We use PayPal, but you can just run it through on your card – that option will be on the first page of PayPal’s site in text. Once your membership is updated, and you’re logged into the site, visit: http://roadguardians.org/road-guardian-members-online-refreshers/ – that way you’ll receive your discounted rate.

      Please don’t hesitate to notify me if you have any further questions.


  3. Lyle Coney

    I go into this website to renew my membership and every time I get the same message that the sites security certificate isn’t valid or is a concern. I’d also like to obtain another patch and Charter rocker with the renewal, but can’t get this online renewal to work.

  4. Debra Wright

    Hey, I am a new member and I paid for the Refresher/basic course but I am having problems pulling up the course to take it. Please advise me on where I need to go to access the site to complete my course. Thanks.

    1. Vicki Sanfelipo

      Hi Debra:
      I had my webmaster check into this and she said you received the e-mail and link for the refresher but I have not seen your completion come through. Just checking on you. Did you get your welcome letter? If not, did you check your spam?

  5. Paul Callahan
    Paul Callahan

    I would very much like to talk to whomever is in charge of the website. I fully support the mission of ASMI and the Road Guardians as I am a Certified Charter Road Guardian and a Lifetime member. I am also pretty computer literate. However, navigation of this website is incredibly frustrating and difficult. I would be willing to sit down with you and show you the user unfriendliness of navigation, links that are mentioned but don’t show on the site, etc. What should be an easy experience is not. Please don’t take this as angry criticism at all. I want this to be even more successful and if nobody says anything, nothing changes. Thanks!!

    1. Megan Bruzen
      Megan Bruzen

      We would love your help. I emailed you from webmaster (at)roadguardians.org to get more information.

      Thank you!

  6. Vicki Sanfelipo

    I ordered a women’s motorcycle jacket from Motorcycle House and I love it!!! Finally, a black leather jacket made for a woman. It is cut nicely to flatter a curvy figure. It has braided accents and is gathered at the waist to not only flatter but keep wind from blowing up. The jacket has a heavy zipper and snaps to keep the collar from flapping. It is lined and has pockets on the outside of the jacket with zippers as well as inside pockets on each side. When I extend my arms the sleeve comes perfectly to the wrist. There is room across the back for movement and the sleeve also has the traditional zipper for venting!!! Nice craftsmanship, great price and the item was shipped quickly. Thanks to http://www.motorcyclehouse.com/motorcycle-jackets.htm . If you re a Road Guardians members you will receive 10% off. They offer much more than just jackets so check it out. They’ve been around since 2007 so not a new company. I’ve been working with Kiara who must be on her computer 24/7 making sure I am happy with my purchase.

  7. Jason Davis

    I would love to become a Road Guardian as I am a Certified Paramedic and enjoy the ability to go out and ride myself. I am not sure what I would have to do to be able to wear or tell people I am a current road guardian or even if there is such a thing where I live in Iowa.

    1. Vicki Sanfelipo

      Hi Jason! I would love it if you would become a CRG too!!!! The first step is to join Road Guardians. Once you are a member you can strive for Certified Road Guardian but submitting the following: Proof of Rider Education Class Completion, Completion of Accident Scene Management Basic and Advanced Classes, Current CPR card. There will be a one time $10 charge to process your paperwork. You are among the elite!

  8. […] As a rider with over twenty five years in the saddle and riding between fifteen and twenty thousand miles a year, I consider to myself to be a very proficient rider.  I often hear my fellow bikers with a similar background saying that they ride a level above the traditional experienced rider course offered by the MSF.  Though I would argue that no matter what your level of experience is or the amount of time you have in the saddle, everyone could benefit from a course that brings you back to practicing the slow speed maneuvers that the experience rider course offers.  In reality, everything builds off the basics and reviewing the basics and practicing those foundation skills is something everyone can benefit from.  However, for those that want to take riding to that next level there are courses out there that do that.  Lee Parks’ Total Control Course http://www.totalcontroltraining.net/ is offered in many locations across the country and if there is not one right next to you, it sounds like a great reason for a road trip.  I have had Lee’s course on my to do list for couple of years and this year I am going to cross it off.  There are many other great on-bike rider training programs to help you grow your riding skills and offer several different advanced rider courses in the Midwest and other areas is http://www.totalridertech.com.  They offer courses both in Michigan and Illinois with no worries about scratching your bike up training as courses include the use of a Harley police bike.  To recognize Road Guardian members that go the extra mile in being a lifelong learner, taking an on-bike motorcycle training program meets one of the requirements to becoming a “Certified” Road Guardian.  For more information on the Certified Road Guardian destination see: http://roadguardians.org/site/membership. […]